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tru-core lawn aerator

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SDF250, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. SDF250

    SDF250 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 87

    What do you think about there water filled tru core
    $600 for 60" wow
  2. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    Lawrence Stone got one and he said it tears up the turf on turning. You need one with a split axle to avoid this problem, like the Lesco/Classen aerator. It is built like a tank and should last for many years, built out of solid bar steel.
  3. Actually the 48" model I have works fine I used it a few days ago on a 1 1/2-acre homesite. The turf damage when turning is minimal. But I would not buy a 60" job unless you are doing nothing but sports fields.

    I took the one I bought and made a sit down sulky out of it. I need to refabricate it a bit by installing a suspension seat and moving the seat back about 10" to get more weight on the drum and less on the back of the walk behind.

    Even with a 46" tine rake on the front of a 52" machine the front end was too light. This would not be an issue on my 62" machine (the deck is 105 lbs. more Vs the 52) but IMHO MY 62" machine is too big to use on most residential lawns.

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