Tru-Green Going Residential

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by powerreel, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. powerreel

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    Wow! There are 20 Tru-Green cells nationwide going residential. Each are keeping records and will share this among each other. They have access to Chem-Lawns database for mailings etc. and have some real nice door hangers ready to deploy, when the account is serviced they leave a checklist behind on the door knob. Seems like Servicemaster, inc. wants to give us a run. This summer will make or break I guess, I see manpower as the stumbling block- but employees can rotate between branches to fill in gaps in the line. Has anyone else seen them doing residential work and how would you rate them? What I've seen on the commercial side is lacking...
  2. kutnkru

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    If I find out that one of those brain dead, high school drop-out, jabonies has put literature or even looks at one of my clients they can expect one thing and one thing only:

    Nothing gets me hotter than to see those crooks in any neighborhood that I do business in. The only smart ones have left that firm and are now in business for themselves. The rest of them had just better keep their eyes open, and mouths shut! In this area they would definetly find a lynching. Stomaches just churning at the thought of them competing for lawn care.

    I have yet to see them practice proper horticultural practices. A given fact that after they burned up the lawns in the 80's and almost turned upstate to a dust bowl that things have not changed much since ive been doing lawns in the same areas.

    Just my .02
  3. TJLC

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    Kris, say whats really on your mind.LOL
  4. Now they will be able to destroy turf on a weekly basis vs.
    5-6 times a year.
  5. Garry

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    Rumor has it they will be using a new *crack-based* nitrogen source.
  6. Nathan

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    I have seen them around my area on a very limited basis. They run one man crews generally and are very cheesy as far as doing consistantly quality jobs. Most customers don't see them as a maintenance company, just as the fert. guys. I don't have any fear of them around here unless the company totally revamps their organization.
  7. moonarrow

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    In some areas they have been in the res. bus. for several yrs. And also they are buying out lawn care co.s
  8. Rufur

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    if their maintenance work is of the same quality and reputation as their chemical programs then theres nothing to worry about sometimes I feel it's good to have a real hack chopping at a customers neighbors grass it makes your work look that much better and appreciated
  9. mowerman90

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    Hey kutnkru,

    Don't sugar-coat it, just tell'em like it is!
  10. LJ lawn

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    I saw the Chemlawn guys actually THATCHING a lawn last year! very comical! 2 guys,1 thatcher, 1 rake.50 garbage bags of thatch STUFFED into their cute little white mini van.unfortunately we have to now compete with this crap.

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