Tru Green trying to throw me under the bus

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ColePyck, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Here is a good one, so back on the 16th we edged, and mulched a house up the street from me. Before mulching we apply roundup to the beds lightly to keep weeds down. The homeowner has tru green do his yard(they just started this year) and his landscaping. Well they came in on May 20th and sprayed Merritt as well as liquid fert on shrubs and lawn. Then came on the burn, by the 25th. the lawn was burned only is spots around some spots we edged and mulched, he also has lost moonbeams and viburnums due to burning. The president on Tru Green came up and talked to him last week and brought a article on "Toxic Mulch" from cornell university. He is saying our mulch is toxic and it bled into the lawn and landscaping!!! Here is the kicker Tru Green has a landscape division here in my town and we get our mulch from the same supplier! I told all this to the homeowner and he is siding with me but we are awaiting soil samples from the lawn to see if it was indeed roundup that killed his lawn and plants, I cant wait!
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    Well which was it, did toxic mulch do it or was it the round-up bleeding over?
    Because if it rained heavily or some other way the R/U penetrated the soil and maybe there were grass roots
    underneath, it is very possible it got into some spots through an underground root system.

    But the Chem guys had no way of knowing about the Round Up,
    so don't fault Chemlawn for not knowing the little secret...

    That they tried to blame it on the mulch wasn't very nice
    either, so I'm all for finding out exactly what happened,
    keep an open mind and then take it from there.
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    Ooopsie, got cut off...

    The simple solution I always keep a spare 50 pound bag of seed in the truck.
    It's usually less than full, who cares, so long I always got spare seed.
    Yes, I buy at least one 50 pound bag of seed a year just for this nonsense, sometimes two,
    other times it's left overs from a lawn treatment, whatever, 50 pound bag in the truck.

    Now, bare spots?
    No questions asked, throw down some of that seed,
    be heavy handed and the problem is fixed, everybody is happy.

    Save myself all that frustration and aggravation with soil tests and all the bs and what have you,
    costs me a few bucks in seed and it's over, the customers love it.
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    Round up doesnt soak in and kill plants by the roots. It has to have contact on the leaf to cause damage.
  5. BCSteel

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    Out of all the possable scenarios that could have happened with the materials and information supplied in this thread, that is, with out a doubt, the least likely thing to happen. Overspray - possable. Tracking from freshly sprayed garden beds onto the turf on the soles of shoes - possable. R-up traveling through the soil via rain and killing the roots/plants and/or lawn several feet away - not possable.
  6. DLCS

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    I have to say overspray is the culprit based on what I have read. Doesn't take much round up to kill grass, very little overspray will do the trick. Also, applying it lightly over the beds before mulching will do zilch, if its not hitting folliage. Round up is neutralized when it hits the soil, it is not a pre emergent. If you get it on the soles of your shoes, make sure you rub your shoes in soil, before walking on the lawn that way you do not kill the grass.
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    Nope. Sounds like a gly issue to me. It would take ALOT of a foliar fertilizer to cause damage like this. But anyway, if this was an Imidicloprid application (Merit), it would have been applied dry or as a drench feeding. Also, the part about the Roundup not effective on anything but plants with existing foliage is exactly right. The part about wiping your shoes in the soil is a bit "underplayed", though.:) You want your shoes to be wiped COMPLETELY clean...and even then it is not safe. Sometimes they need to be rinsed or scrubbed. I've seen some pretty cool things done with gly and footprints.:laugh:
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    One other possibility. Was this actually Roundup (Glyphosate) or a Roundup type product ie., extended coverage etc. ?? What did your source bottle actually state as the active ingredient?

    I've seen alot of herbicide damage due to LCO's using "extended control" herbicides.. All or most, mistaken for something else. The EC products are to be used on sidewalks etc where no growth is wanted for up to < - one year? Never to be used in bedding areas. Let us know what the product was you actually used.
  9. Runner

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    Great point.
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    My thoughts exactly.

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