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Flint, Michigan
Oddest thing. We have about fifteen inches still left on the ground and today I saw a Tru Green pickup with a chipper on back, pulling out of a subdivision. May be it's time to get busy! I've got alot of stuff that can be done!


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My daughter (stay away Charles) has a part time job at Chem-lawn working in the office. She's constantly telling me that they service the wrong lawns. Maybe their using the chipper truck to get rid of the snow.


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I am not here
These guys are solicting old accounts. I know because one of my lawn chemical/fertilization clients called me to tell me they keep calling him and how to get rid of them. They do not take no for an anwer


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central Indiana
Here in Indiana they got in some real doo doo last year by the BBB. Too many complaints about unauthorized sprayings. They would tell you they would spray your lawn 4 times a year but spray it 6 times a year and charge you for it. People got fed up and complained. I don't blame them!!! If somebody asked me to cut their lawn every ten days, I'm not going to cut every six and expect them not to complin or maybe even not pay!!---That's all I know
If the 4 accounts you captured were just $40 apps x 6=$240@

So by following the Liquid "N" truck around will generate a grand a day in future yearly income.

So for say $10 worth of gas in the personal auto you could generate up to $1000 of future yearly sales for every day you follow the urea tanker.

Now folks go see if that marketing plan is written in any green industry books.

P.S Since the average big green customer lasts three years and big green does not remove thatch all of these lawns will have to be dethatched with the junk removed from site plus an aeration b/4 you can even apply. You can safely add another grand to those 4 new accounts. That makes puts you at another grand in sales on those four new accounts.

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Don't under estimate Mr Stone's remarks about Tru-Green. It's all very real and true. One can make a very good living just following those trucks around and going after the Tru-Green customers.

Give them personal service and if you have any knowledge in Agronomy and Horticulture you have it made in the shade.