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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Firefighter1428, Jan 2, 2007.

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    I have for sale a 1996 Chevy Silverado 1500. This truck was used for 1 month pulling a trailer while other truck was in the shop. Main use for this truck was a daily driver and for admin. work for the landscaping company. This truck was used as a second plow truck but only for driveways in residential areas, no commercial or heavy plowing. This truck was well maintained; monthly maintenance was done on it along with regular oil and fluid changes. New Brakes were put on 3 months ago, 31 inch BFG A/T tires were placed on the truck at the beginning of the winter (06) Truck has 16 inch stock rims, Reinforced rear suspension Exterior is Red/white, Interior is red/Burgundy. Bench seat w/ flip down center console, AM/FM/Cd-Player. For right now the Myers 7.5 snow plow is not going with the truck but a deal maybe worked out. Asking $7,500 for the truck. If interested please contact me, I need to sell this truck asap, I do not have room for this truck. As you can see I have attached one picture and will have more info and pictures comming soon.
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    Where is the picture?
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    Sorry picture didnt download, Here it is:
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    I have a picture attached under the Truck&Trailer forum, It is listed under Truck for Sale. Sorry about the picture on this page, for some reason it is downloading but isnt coming up on the page. I will have more pictures today, that I will try to load on here, if Im not able to I can e-mail them to anyone how would like them.


    Again sorry for the tech. problems
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    how many miles?
    what engine?
    Auto or manual?

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