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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Shopkeeper, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Shopkeeper

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    I'm sure most of you guys use decals of magnents for your trucks to advertise your business. Just out of curiosity, how well does this work for you guys? I have been thinking about getting some magnents for my truck so I can advertise without the cost of decals and so I don't have to take them back off if I want to sell my truck. (I use my personal truck for my business, two mowers, 2 trimmers, 2 cans of gas, and various other items)

    Sorry for the other blabbing..

    question: How well does advertising with decals and/or magnents on your truck work for you guys?


  2. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I am having my trailer doen now and I am going to put magnets on my truck. I already have my company name and number on the extended cab windows, but I want something to match the trailer and that stands out a little more while I am working.

    I have not received calls from it yet, but wil the 4 color lettering scheme that we are putting on the trailer, I think it might gernerate calls. Everyone keeps telling me that in this business, Name Recognition is the thing that will begin to get you the most calls. So I am doing everything I can to get my company name out there anywhere I can, within reason. You may not see immediate results of having you name on the truck, but after a while you will start to receive calls. You may not know that it is from the truck, but they had to see your name and number somewhere.
  3. newbomb

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    I have used the magnets but I always thought they were a little cheesy. When I see them on other trucks I think the guys must have started last week. I realize you may not be able to letter your truck if you use it for other things though. I have picked up some work with them. Neighbors see you at a customers house and sooner or later they call you for something. Then they have a friend that needs something and so on. It takes time to build clients from magnets but advertising is advertising.
  4. Steppenwolf

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    Truck signs do work as Total and Newbomb said. Week after week people are peeking thru their blinds looking at you as you work. If you are doing a good job,are reliable,got your pants pulled up, a nice t shirt(no Mega Death etc.)don't have a cig hanging out of your mouth while working and take off the shades when talking to a should to fine.
    Normal IL. Can't remember the last time I was there but I did a lot of stomping around in that area years ago.
  5. deerbutcher

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    For those who are using their personal truck like me, do you get commercial insurance or just regular coverage? I was told by my insurance to move up to commercial insurance on my truck. I told him I'm just starting out and can't afford it yet. He then told me to please remove all signs that I had on my trailer until I have commercial insurance.
    What is the difference between regular and commercial insurance besides the obvious cost?
  6. bigjeeping

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    My commercial auto insurance (progressive) is actually CHEAPER than a personal policy. I have no idea why. But I sure was happy when they told me that.
  7. ChadsLawn

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    Here is what mine will look like in a week or 2

    sorry for large image. I didnt know it was that big


    CUTNTIME LawnSite Member
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    Cant say i've ever got any calls from magnets on my truck.Be sure you take them off daily and wipe them down as well as your truck.I didn't do that and it cost me a new paint job on the doors.As far as ins. goes,if you do not have comm. ins. and your equip. gets totaled in a wreck,it comes out of your pocket to fix or replace.good luck.
  9. Kingram10

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    from Arizona
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    Chad ,what is that going to cost you for that paint job?

    Also Cutntime, you say the Insurance wouldn't cover your equip what about your vehicle?
  10. POPO4995

    POPO4995 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have vinyl on my extended cab windows and across my back window on the truck. It's cheaper than magnets and if you sell the truck, grab a razorblade and peel everything off. It takes 10 minutes. On the trailer, my logo is on the front section since I have 24" tall mesh sides. Also in vinyl. Then across the back trailer gate it says, " You're following the leader in Lawn Maintenance":usflag:

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