Truck And Leaf Vac For Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by jpmako, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. jpmako

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    For Sale!

    1989 Ford F-600 Dump 6.6 Diesel 5 speed with split rear.
    The truck runs great and had the transmission completely redone last summer.
    The truck has approximately 74,000 original miles.

    Now for the bad news - the bed is gonna need some work.
    the floor should be repaired or replaced as it is rotting in a few spots and the sides are also gonna need some attention.

    This is by no means a show truck, but overall with a little cosmetic work would be a great dump as it has been very reliable.

    I am also selling my large Leaf Vacuum
    It is an American Roads self contained unit that holds 17 yards. it has a 65 horsepower diesel and comes with a new intake hose. The only problem with this machine is that the chute sometimes does not line up with the housing and requires some finessing to get it to line up right.

    I am looking to get around $7000.00 for the truck and around $3000.00 for the leaf vacuum
    make offers, It will be on ebay within two weeks.


  2. StokesLandscaping

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    Interested in leaf vacuum. Is the 3,000 include trailer. How many hrs on it? Do you have any pics of it?
  3. OSU 09

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    Stokes, I don't want to dissapoint you, but this thread is from 2006, so I doubt you will be getting that leaf vac. On another note, American Road Machinery is located in my small town (I have their mowing contract) and makes some pretty awesome stuff.

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