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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Sean Adams, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. ed2hess

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    I like you truck and set-up. We looked at the super truck a few years ago and the price was out of line for our business. And, I do not like the big ramp system can't use it in tight residential situations. They need to redesign the ramp and get the price on their unit down around $30K, maybe get a simple Ford chasis. Most of us don't need a unit that will go 250K miles we average about 5K a year.
  2. fourseasonlawns

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    Where do you park this thing at night? It seems like an easy target for theft. Do you have a trackable alarm system on there?
  3. Lisk

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    Honestly, i think the whole straight truck idea is pointless. I'd rather spend 50,000 on a f550 dump thats a hell of alot more versatile than a straight truck. Can you pick up stone, mulch, and top soil with those? No!......Also 35 seconds for the ramp to either go up or down is very long when your trying to meet your goal at the end of the day, beat the rain, or even beat daylight. I'd rather just stick with pulling the the door down manually....takes a whole 3 seconds if that.
  4. dbianchilndscpe

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    I have been looking for a box truck with a manual ramp similiar to my Pace and Wells Cargo trailers.I don't know if the D.O.T. will let them be on a box truck but it would save the $6500 on a SLT. It would also be a big time saver and not have as many moving parts to break down. The back of the truck would need to have a sloping dove-tail the last 3 to 4 ft to meet ramp length clearance, but is possible. Does anyone know of anything on the road or if it's allowed by the D.O.T.?
  5. Lawnworks

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    I have seen boxes w/ dovetails. They are out there... you probably have to go to a commercial truck dealer. The ones I have seen have a mesh gate that is flush w/ the back of the box as well as a pull down door.
  6. jbc789

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    I agree with many of you...the SLT's are overpriced and many more affordable alternatives are available. In addition, why is the owner of this website giving advice on how to run a landscaping business. MR. ADAMS OWNS AND OPERATES A WEBSITE NOT A LANDSCAPING BUSINESS. If I want advice on running a landscaping business, I'll talk to someone who has been in the business for 10 or 15 years and is out in the field working. Owning a website that caters to landscapers DOES NOT make you an expert on landscaping. If you want advice on your website, talk to Mr. Adams. If you want landscaping advice, talk to a landscaper.
  7. cubbie

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    personally i like that truck, b/c it will save time, in the fact we don't have to get gas like ever 2 mins b/c they gas and mixed gas will be on board, and the ramp might go faster in real life then the video, it is a good concept, b/c i can't back up a trailer worth anything, but i can backup a truck like that in a heartbeat

    MOZE4MUNY LawnSite Member
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    Is SLT a sponsor? They look like nice rigs, but maybe too rich for my taste. I've looked at them and they've spawned some great ideas if my business evolves that direction. Considering the length and nature of my routes a new box truck isn't foreseeable. I have considered building a rig quite similar to Lawnwork's. His looks like a very efficient and proffesional solution. SLT isn't for everyone, no sense arguing Ford vs Chevy, gas vs diesel, Echo vs Stihl, open vs enclosed. Everyone has varying conditions and services which doesn't lend itself to a one equipment fits all solution.
  9. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
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    No doubt the SLTs are a super nice truck, but for a small company it is hard to justify 50k truck versus a 30k truck that accomplish the same tasks. At the end of the day the $6500 gate does not make you more money than the $1200 gate. And the $6500 gate will have more wear issues down the road. To me the SLTs are just hard to justify... but then again my bottom line does not have 6 zeros behind it.
  10. lawnsbyrj

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    Man if I am gonna spend $50k on the buisness I am going a diffrent direction. I am going used dually with a stake bed dump or adding it and buying a nice 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton streetable truck. I can see a need for a box truck or landscape bed but those to me are too tall, you need like the toyota's that uhaul uses with dual rear wheels. I agree with most everone here that Gadgets have their place. but when others are incharge of using your stuff , GADGETS GET BROKEN. so if i am gonna have a crew running around they are in a base model truck and trailer, or a used landscape bed truck, $50k is not for the average lawn care company.

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