truck and trailer lettering, worth it?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnMaster5000, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. lawnMaster5000

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    I know this has been discussed rather heavily but i have been unable to find any strong support for either side of the argument.

    Attached I have included three views of proposed lettering for a trailer i already own. The signs will cost about $1200 installed.

    I am interested in knowing how much these signs will increase my business as similar signs have done for yours. I will be supplementing these truck signs with door-to-door fliers twice a year in my target areas. Possibly more often if i have the money/time to advertise more.

    There are different ways signs as these can help a company.
    - Direct advertising, someone sees your truck and calls you b/c of sign.

    - Someone sees a flier you put out last week and recognizes the name. Likes the good image and goes to find the flier and calls you.

    - Sees the truck and asks your current customer about you.

    - Sees your truck then when you advertise remembers the name and calls you over competitors b/c of name recognition.

    I think the fourth of those ways will be the most common but i am interesting in seeing other people's opinions.

    Please comment on the direct and indirect value of your truck and trailer lettering as pertains to your ability to grow and maintain your business.

    Thank you very much for your assistance and I hope we are all able to gain something from this.




    truck and trailer with signs.jpg

    truck and trailer with signs2.jpg

    truck and trailer with signs3.jpg
  2. LB Landscaping

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    I think its worth it but then again it only cost me $175 to do my 1 ton dump. Not sure if I'd spend $1200, what about having signs made up from a local screen printer and hanging them on the trailer?
  3. Turf Technologies

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    from Florida
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    We have our trailer and truck letter, only picked up one customer from it, but we bater out lawn work to get our signs made and installed.I think its worth it, your trailer is like a moving bilboard.
  4. ArizPestWeed

    ArizPestWeed LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I pail $750.00 for my vinyl signs .
    Email me @ and I'll email the photos to you
  5. tinman

    tinman LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Billboards run from $500 per month so it's worth it. If it only keeps your name in folk's mind.
  6. randallwise

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    I'll have to agree w/ tinman. The image is the biggest bonus for you. How can you tell if it's paying off? Hard to put numbers to, however, I'm a one-rig outfit and I can't tell you how many people/customers have said, "I see your trucks everywhere". If your goal is to set yourself apart, get noticed, portray your company as professional, gain exposure, then yes, it's well worth the investment. Where else can you get a billboard that size for that price?

    Speaking of price, that seems a little hight to me. I spent $1400 to have four sides of my trailer and three sides of my truck done. They even pulled all the rivets on the trailer for a very clean job. Shop around, I'm sure you can get a better deal.

    You won't notice at first, but this, my second season, I have seen a giant leap in exposure. I'm even having my little commuter car wrapped in vinyl so I have the same image as I drive around bidding and meeting w/ cleints.

    Go for it and good luck with it.
  7. Soupy

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    That should not cost you anywhere near $1200. Have you gotten prices at other signs places.

    To answer your question. It is definitely worth lettering your stuff. But I think you can find a better deal. If I have to I would chance buying over the internet and applying the sign myself before I paid that much.

    The design below cost me $350.
  8. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have got my truck and open trailer lettered and I have got @ 2-5 calls my first year(last year) from it. I go everywhere in my truck, so I get alot of sight. The only draw back is that I have to be carefull not to piss anyone off while driving around town, I forget sometimes that my name and # is on the truck. I have to remind my wife when she takes the truck out to be "good" :p I do have to agree with some folks here that it does seem alittle pricey. Can you make the logo alittle smaller? It really is not that hard to put your own vinyl on. I did myself and the guy who made them told me to make sure you clean the spot really good and use alchol pads to clean the spot it will be on. Good luck and you logo looks great!!
  9. pagefault

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    There are two businesses here in town that come to mind. One is a landscaping business and one is a plumber. They both still have very nice trucks with their brands all over them. The plumber's truck(s) has a giant photo of a baby sitting in a sink.

    There are two things that come to mind for me. 1) I have no idea how many trucks these guys have. They may only have one each, but I see them enough that they at least seem like big operations. 2) I don't remember when I first saw them, but I've seen them every day or two for so long that it seems like they have been a fixture in town for 20 years.

    I've never called either of them, because I have never needed their services. If I did need either of their services, I'd call around for references. I would probably ask if anyone knew anything about Southwest Plumbing, for example. So, they are already close to the top of the list, because they are the ones I think to ask about. If I had an emergency and could not track down anyone who had any useful information, I might call them just because I know they have been around for a while, but remember, I have no idea how long they have been around.

    I guess there is one other thing. I think I feel comfortable calling someone whose truck(s) I see all over town, because a lot of other people are using them and I feel like I would have heard something if that many people used them and they did a bad job.

    So, yes, I believe the lettering is of tremendous value. Just be careful about how you drive when you are in that lettered truck. There was some college-aged kid racing up and down the street on a 4-wheeler today and I got out in the middle of the road and just about ripped him off that thing. Then I realized I was wearing one of my new shirts. Now, I'm hoping that his parents aren't potential customers.

    We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, though and I'd do the same thing again. Just be aware that people are going to notice that truck and notice what the people in it are doing.
  10. pagefault

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    When you have a point to make, read the rest of the thread to see if anyone else made it already. That's the second time tonight that I have posted the same message as the person ahead of me.


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