Truck and trailer or move up?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by gasracer, Nov 15, 2010.

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    I have been pulling a 12ft trailer with a F-150(long bed) for the past 3 years.It will hold 2 of the 3 mowers I have(depending on the route for the day as to what I load).The trailer has custom mounts for everything I need at arms reach with a landscape cage for gas and other stuff. Everything on the trailer can and does stay locked.Most of my work is close enough that I can swing by and swap out a mower if needed.Over the past few months I have thought about some kind of landscape or box truck to allow me to carry all 3 mowers. Going to a longer trailer is NOT a option because of tight spaces I have to get turned around in.My thought now has turned to getting a SWB F-350 with a flatbed on it and continue pulling the trailer I have.I plan on keeping my F-150 to haul anything that I need to without unhooking the F-350.
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    I hope others have any thoughts on this.
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    I have pulled a 12 footer myself for the past 3 years and I have outgrown it. I have to swing by the house and pick up stuff also but its out of the way. Im looking to get a bigger trailer but I have seen guys with box trucks of different sizes and they seem to have ample storage and also a huge billboard to advertise on. Check Uhauls website as they sell there old trucks also check on craigslist this time of year you will find alot of great deals. Also google super lawn trucks fdor ideas on ramp doors and what not. Hope this helps good luck!
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    If you could get a box truck and keep your truck and 12' trailer that would be a good set up.
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    I going to see what I can find over the winter.One of my big issues at this point is the truck I am using to pull my trailer is a V-6.I looked at the truck in the pic to pull my trailer with and it still gives me room to haul stuff. Getting it wrapped and the sides done would be very visible.It is a F-350/5.4 V-8

    ford truck.jpg
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    You could also consider getting a customized 8.5' by 12' deck-over trailer (with small, 20.5", tires, like snowmobile trailers). You may be able to fit all of your mowers on it.

    Also, you might consider a different kind of mower. I'm currently packing 3 commercial mowers, a 21", and two trash cans on a 75" by 12' single axle trailer.

    A 32" Stander goes sideways on the front, with a rectangular (32 gal?) trashcan behind it. A 52" Stander (first generation, fixed deck) goes on straight behind it, with the 21" beside it (behind the second trashcan). A 61" Stander (first generation, fixed deck) goes behind everything. I have to remove the 61" to get to the 21", but the 21" is positioned so that I can use the 32" without disturbing it or the cans. I plan on making a bracket for the 21" so I can place it on top the rail (10" over the wheel fender), so I can load the 61" and the 52" in either order, which isn't possible now.

    You can put a 36" Stander on the front in place of the 32", but it's a tight fit.
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    I have thought about different options like that. When I replace one of my big mowers I will look at a stander for the room.

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