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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by DeepGreenLawn, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    Was wandering what everyone had for a truck and trailer or just truck/van and how they have it set up.

    I currently have a F250, 5X10 open trailer, tacoma, so on and so on, basic landscape equipment trailer wise. I have access to others, such as inclosed trailers and such but was curious of what you guys have found to work best.
  2. hotrod1965

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    I have a 1500 Silverado with a ladder rack. Used to use a Suburban, also worked fine. Also use a station wagon for the small easy jobs. Saves on gas and lets us have two groups working if needed.
  3. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    you just throw all the lights in the bed of the truck?

    Any pics?
  4. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
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    lights don't take up as much space as you think. I just had a pallet worth in my truckthe other day, that is 48 cases.
    You are only going to take what you need for the job. Most big houses are going to take 100-200 C9's and 20-30 sets of mini lights.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    We do many c-9 jobs and mini's, and almost all of our properties have wreaths, garland, and at least 60% of our properties have the light links from Holiday Bright Lights, and we've got a good 3-4 dozen jobs with 6 foot wreaths and up. so the back of a truck and a wagon are good for us only on 25% of our jobs or so. my fleet is really a varied lot:

    I've got a UPS-stepvan type diesel bus that has great graphics, new paint and about 12-13 feet by 7 feet by 7 feet tall behind the driver. we put a ladder rack on the side for either a 32 or 40 foot extension ladder. this rig is great, but no a/c and kinda hard for a new employee to drive. this will probably be it's last year.

    I've got 2 full size vans with 10-12 feet behind the seats, those will get multiple magnetic graphic signs this year, they already have ladder racks on top, but I am welding adding side ladder racks next week to hold 2 little giants to the drivers side. these are the easiest for new employees to drive, but the 6 foot wreaths and up have to be strapped on top of the ladders, so more loading time.

    My favorite rig is the 14 foot boxvan, it needs a ladder rack on top for extension ladders but has room for the 8 foot wreaths and is the ideal rig for takedowns when you have tons of boxes and stuff at the end of the day. a moving billboard, great advertising. a little easier to drive than the bus, but still kinda scary for new employees at first.

    we've got one 6x12 enclosed trailer to go between 3 pickup trucks, one of which is an employees truck. one has a ladder rack with side ladder rack holders for little giants, and the others are just for repairs, small jobs or runs to the stores for cords or what not.

    we will be going to more 14-16 foot boxvans, isuzu diesels probably, in the future for ease of driving and the ability to hold 3 guys up front. they also look very professional. the 95's and up are my choice, and can be had with around 100k miles on them or less for 3500-6000 or so.
  6. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    wow, thanks for the great response!
  7. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
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    If I had to do a lot of big wreaths and such, I would find a big van like that as well. We just don't get that kind of business around these parts.
    I like the old UPS truck idea! That has to look pretty neat with your graphics!

    I have the advantage that I live in car country, so trucks are cheap! We leased our silverado for $200 per month no money down! I love being related to GM employees!

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