Truck and Trailer Theft

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by turfman33, Oct 29, 2003.

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    I took the mower to the dealer today to get a service done and got talking to the guy in there. He told me that they had a guy come in last week that had to start all over again because not only did they take is trailer but his truck with it. Now it seems they are just breaking into your truck and driving off with everything. He then told me that there is something you can get attached to your truck that does not allow the engine to be started if they break in. Does anybody know of this? If so is there a web site to check out? How secure are they? If somebody got away with my truck, trailer and equipment i would be lost with no Business.


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    If you broke in my truck, all I can say is good luck starting it.

    THis is what you do.

    1. Cut one of the ignition wires (opens up a circuit)

    2. Get some kinda of switch and mount it in a easy (not obvious) place for you to reach it.

    3. Connect it to that open circuit, and when the switch is depressed, the circuit closes, allowing the truck to start.
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    Or just own old truck thats Real hard to start. you know the kind it takes for guys to roll down hill to pop clutch, LOL Mac
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    Or better yet..carry insurance...that's what it's for:rolleyes: :D
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    They have GPS tracking systems small enough to use on livestock,.. there has to be a GPS transmitter you could affordably mount on ALL of your equipment. Truck, Trailer, Mowers etc...

    But I doubt that niche market has been developed yet.

    But I would like a system that prevents your equipment from even being stolen and keeps it right where you left it.....
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    I have insurance. But that would'nt help me if I come out from the back of somebodies yard and the whole Rig is gone.


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