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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by PT Scot, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. PT Scot

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    I have been mowing for a few years but have expanded. It's time to pick up leaves here in Colorado and I can't fit all the leaves in the back of my pick-up. I have a Dodge 250 short bed. I've seen the wire cages in the back of some lawn care trucks and most look custom made. I was looking for some company that pre-manufactures these cages. Does anyone know of a company or web site that I can order these from?
  2. TinMan1

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    That would be cool, Ive never seen that
  3. Lawn Pawn

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    OK..... OK... I can see the scathing feed back already !!!

    What about chain-link dog kennel panels of appropriate size for the bed or box of the trailer/truck? Cheap enough.... light weight... take apartable. Make any size you want if you do them yourself, it's no different than making a big gate.

    Can line with a finer wire or fabric to control blow out if required.
  4. rdharris

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    I actually sell dog kennels on the side. I know the owner of the company who makes them and he could make custom sizes though Im not sure if they would hold up to daily abuse and the weight of wet leaves over time. but hey they hold a dog it may work.
  5. Matt_T

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