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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Releaf Landscapes, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Releaf Landscapes

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    Any suggestions for the best deal on a kit to make my 12 foot flatbed tonner into a hydralic dumper?

    Thanks, Noel
  2. Gravel Rat

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    The easiest way is have a dumping flatdeck built or if you don't want to do that buy a scissor hoist with a subframe there are some that come with hinges on the back of the subframe. The deck will probably need its longsills replaced with 6" channel. Plan on spending atleast 3000 dollars on making your deck dump.
  3. Jason Rose

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    Welcome to Lawnsite! Glad to see someone else from here!

    If the truck has a straight frame under the bed that's a help. Reguardless of what you do you will need a hoist kit, which is basically a scissor lift. Mine was around $1,100 just for the hoist, but mine is a lighter grade than you may need for the 12' bed. (more $$) I had B&B Hydraulics do mine the first time on my Ford. When I bought the Dodge my stepdad and I transferred the hoist from that truck to the new one. It was not an easy project to say the least. A good bit of iron work and welding and building the hinge assembly for the bed requires a good deal of engenering know how. Your trailer hitch also has to be moved so that it's attached to the truck frame and not the bed.

    There's a couple shops in Wichita that also do this sort of work, can't even think of the names now... My forst bed was over $4,000, but I had to buy the flatbed new. Gravel Rat's estimate of $3,000 will be really close, probably more if you need a frame under the bed if the truck's frame isn't straight and if they have to fabricate a trailer hitch. Cost of steel is nuts.

    My hoist is a Scott Level Lift. Have had ZERO problems with it in 4 years now. Iv'e seen other brands in use and seen others that sprung leaks in the first year and/or are as slow as molasses going up and down. I'm very pleased with the Scott lift.

    (just noticed that you have been a member for quite a while, lol)
  4. Releaf Landscapes

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    Thanks for the info, guys. More specificly, I was wondering about the kits that are available from Northern, etc. for around $1700.00. I have always had double acting pto drive hoists on larger trucks, and I was wondering about these lighter units. I'm not sure about single action electric over hydralic. The fabrication and welding isn't a problem, I spent 15 years as an ASME certified Tig and Mig welder and a long time operator of most fabricating and machine tools. Jason, I will check with the guys at B&B. Thats where I usually get hydralic help. Jason, did your 1100 include the pump, hinges etc.? Thanks, Noel

    (quite a while, though not quite as long as you. Releaf has been around much longer than 2003) I like your new Dodge.
  5. Jason Rose

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    The price I mentioned was for the hoist and the electric over hydraulic unit. Hinges were fabricated at B&B for the ford, we built the next set ourselves.

    I would feel better about ordering locally, as I'm sure you would too, since if something goes wrong you have support right here in town. Like I said I really like the Scott brand. I've not really been able to inspect other trucks too closely but I know that Mullen's Ford was done at B&B but with a different brand of hoist and he had a lot of trouble with leaks early on, plus it's SLOW.

    Glad you know your way around the welder. I wish I knew more, just need to LEARN! My step dad owned a sheet metal/fabrication shop for years and still does welding ect. daily with his current job. He has all the tools needed and the job was "easy" in his eyes. For me it was a lot of fabrication! Worst part on my truck is that it's only a 3/4 ton and the frame has all kinds of humps and dips in it. Then the flatbed on it only had 5" channel under it when it really needed to be 6" to accomidate the hoist hinge attachment. We made it work though! Plus I was picky about the end bed height so we had to make everything as compact as possible to keep it close to the ground.

    If you need any sort of pattern to look at feel free to contact me, I'd be glad to show you how mine is attached, ect. The hinge and the large round stock needed was about the most costly small item we had. Over $180 just for a few peices of steel there...

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