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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by t j lawn care, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. t j lawn care

    t j lawn care LawnSite Member
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    I am wanting to purchase a dump bed insert for my 2500 chevy truck with a 8 ft bed. It will be used mostly for fall and spring clean up with a billy goat leaf loader attached . What brand are you using and what are the pros and con?
  2. hosejockey2002

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    I use a Maxi-dump. Not really any cons to that model in particular that I can tell. I've had it for 18 months and it works the same as the day I got it. Cons for dump inserts in general are that they are heavy (1000 lbs.) and they detract somewhat from the stock look of the truck. But if your truck is set up right you can carry a decent load (mine handles 3000 lbs. easily) and the convenience of the dump is worth every penny.
  3. Birdjr

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    I have the easy dump insert put it on my truck when i bought it new in 03. Never had any problems with it, def a great investment.
  4. davis45

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    Being that they are so heavy, how does it effect the gas mileage?
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    I've been doing a lot of looking at inserts as well for my new f250. Truck Craft has an alluminum insert. The 8' version weighs about 420 some pounds. The EZ dump and Bri-mar steel inserts weight close to 800 lbs. The only downside is the Truck craft insert is around $4500 while the others are about $2500 or less.
  6. davis45

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    The aluminum is out of my price, I wish i could afford it! I am worried about MPG with the 1000lb steel ones.
  7. Birdjr

    Birdjr LawnSite Senior Member
    from nnj
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    I have not really noticed a difference in fuel consumption, but I only ran my truck for 3 weeks before putting it on.Im sure it might make a difference in mpg depending on which truck size and engine that u have. Mine is in a 350 diesel.
  8. SimonCX

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    I have a bri-mar and love it, the only thing it is heavy about 800lbs with cab protector. For a 1 ton it's not really an issue but I am installing timbrens this weekend just to take some stress of the suspension. It will dump 2 to 2.5 tons without a problem. For a 3/4 ton I would add air bags or timbrens so there isn't so much stress on the suspension especially if you want to hang a 300 lbs loader on the back. If I had to do it again the only thing I would do different is I would get an alum one, it costs more but low weight and no rust.
  9. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I am considering a lift kit from I will only use it for the loads will not be that heavy. I have a dump trailer for heavy loads and the lift kit is less than 300lbs. I just really don't want to lose the weight capacity with an insert......I can easily haul 3000# right now in my 3/4 ton Dodge...
  10. kjslawn

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