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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GREENGUYNJ, Feb 22, 2002.


    GREENGUYNJ LawnSite Member
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    I am looking for a bed for a 1988 Ford F-350 duely.Does anybody know of an aftermarket supplier on the east coast. I have found some but the were in Cal. Any info would be great :blob2:
  2. jc1

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    I cant remember the name of the town or the shop, but there is a place that install truck bodys etc. It is on route 73 down towards the ac expressway end. They always have beds sitting out there for sale that they have removed from trucks to install a body on.I think they advertise in Trucktrader.
  3. jeffyr

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    There is a truck body place in Elizabeth by Ikea.....I can't remember the name either.
    I think Scapeasaurusrex knows what it is if you email him.

    Sorry I can't help more than that.

  4. landscaper3

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    Find a local truck shop that sells ( dump and rack bodies)
    they have new take offs that they will sell you!
  5. Evan528

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    Try ebay. Quite often I see truck beds for sale on there.

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