truck bed tool box


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Winchester, VA
Look at United Welding Services boxes, I have one they are incredibly strong and durable. I dont know if they have them up there in Michigan, they are made in florida. Agri-supply sells them. In the south they are regaded as the best money can buy.


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northern jersey
The only tool box i would buy is weatherguard. The reason for that, it it is the only toolbox that has a decent lock. My dad is a locksmith and has run his own company for 30 years. He had to open a weather guard tool box for a guy who lost the key. It took him over 30 minutes. He was opened other toolboxes before and they usually took him under 2 minutes. My dad is good. If you dont ever want to worry about your tools getting stolen, but a weatherguard. Criminals WILL NOT GET into it.



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culpeper, va
We use weatherguard's for our trucks but also have Knaack boxes on our trailers.

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I have a weatherguard that has lasted through several trucks. Has been a well made toolbox.

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