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    where can you get the truck bodies like tgcl uses? is there a website out there?
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    Quote from a thread word for word.

    Originally posted by NJemerald
    I would like to know where to buy the fiberglass body that TGCL uses!
    Does anyone know that info?

    thanks ,

    I was told by Westheffer that they own the mold for that body, but he gave me a name and number to call.

    I called the guy, he makes the TGCL truck bodies exclusivly, but he will not keep any in stock, so if one does sit he will sell it. I told him great give me a ring when you have an extra one.

    Then I proceded to ask price, come on take a guess......

    $12,000 for an empty body.

    It really is not that bad considering a 12' Morgan or similar cube body, is $8,000.

    That is for the 12' body like on the IHC trucks, we could not find the Isuzu ones.

    Still want one, I still have the guys number?

    And remember you still need a tank, pump hose reel all plumbing, etc... And the pumps are $3k each.

    Here's the thread

    There are used trucks for sale, you just have to find them.
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    Just go to your local truck body manufacturers and ask if they make PHC bodies for trucks.
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    Tufflex Makes the TG/CL truck bodies. They order them with everything top of the line. They keep their fleet truck for about 8 years and expect to do 3.5 million in sales with each truck over it's life.

    I called Tufflex in Miami Fla. They told me, My Isuzu and $20,000 they could build me the same truck. They could build me a new Isuzu with automatic and Air condition for about $55,000

    To take the body off of a old truck with out cracking it is very hard. If you can buy a used truck cheap enough to rebuild it, you would be better off.

    My thanks to LAWNGODFATHER for turning me on to some good used trucks that can be rebuilt. Rebuilt is the key word here. Do not expect to drive away and start spraying for any length of time. These truck have been used to spray 3.5 million in production. They were started in the morning and shut off each night. They have been driven by every Tom ---- and Harry that ever worked for them. I am not saying don't buy, just beware of what you are buying. Plan to put twice what you pay into the truck.

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