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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Quality Lawn Care, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Quality Lawn Care

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    I have a 98 Chev. 2500 reg. cab long box that I use for clean-ups and snow plowing. After manually unloading debris from it this fall I decided it was time for a dump truck. I looked at a few and thought it would make doing cleans up easier, but harder to plow with and to control stuff from rolling around in the back of a dump box. So I started checking around and found a company that installs hoist kits under reg. p.u. boxes. For a H.D. 6000# hoist and new bumper it's $3000.00. This isn't a cheap "do it yourself" kit, the under side of the box gets reinforced. I'm thinking about doing this, what do think? I could build a leaf box on it and get a tailgate loader for and and a way I go. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  2. Randy J

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    I was going to do this to my F350 flatbed, before I sold it. I think it's the best of both worlds. You might check around though - a 12' flatbed was going to cost me $2500 with power up & down. I would think a pickup bed would be less expensive.

  3. paponte

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    I have seen the kits for just under $900 in Northern tool. I would just install it myself, and reinforce as I saw fit. $3K sounds a little pricey for a pickup. :cool:
  4. Mgardner

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    I installed a Rugby hoist 2900 lb. on my Dodge W 250 for 1340.00including shipping, controls, everything you need exept the welding and know-how. It is nice ! and have used it four times this week with humongous loads of leaves on it .
  5. gogetter

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    Quality, why not go with a dump insert for 2K?? This way you can switch it out to another truck should you ever need to.
  6. Mgardner

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    Here`s our Rugby.

  7. Mgardner

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  8. GLS

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    If you don't want to buy a dedicated dump, I would suggest a dump insert for your pickup box.

    Although I have never used one of those kits to convert your stock bed into a dump, I don't feel that they are strong enough (at least not the $900 ones). The $3000 kit you are talking about seems kind of steep. Also, I have seen many kits and the bed doesn't seem to line up with the cab right, it sits up higher, it could be installed wrong though, I don't know.

    I use a dump insert in my truck. This way, I can use it for cleanups, but take it out for plowing for better visibility. Plus, they are a lot stronger than the original bed. And, with the original bed, material will get caught on the wheel wells.

    Just my opinion.
  9. Mgardner

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    I made a typo, The rugby we installed lifts 6000lbs. Three ton ,rather than 2900lbs. :D

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    We have a 7 ton Rugby under a dump box on an F-450. It will lift over 7 tons of gravel without stalling, we did this at the pit once and dumped it off just to see if what it was made of.

    I still like a PTO driven unit, but, the price was right and it works great.

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