Truck choices i've narrowed.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob_McNaughton, Jul 18, 2001.

  1. Bob_McNaughton

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    I've been looking around at a truck to pick up for my LC and Plowing business I want to start next you. I've got a few deals i've managed to find. Which one you guys like the best out of my list?

    2001 Dodge 2500HD Quad Cab - Loaded 5.9L Engine w/Stick and trailer tow package and HD Alternator, etc. $26000.00 (2k under invoice) Brand new. Red in color w/sport pack and all the trimmings. (ugh stick)

    Pros: Awesome power, heavy duty, sweet looks and options, brand new with 10 miles. Good price, considering what it is.

    Cons: Extremely high payments.

    1998 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab - Loaded, mint, 30k Miles, 5.2L Engine. One owner, very clean, tow package. $16999.00 Black, with SLT and all the trimmings.

    Pros: Reasonable cost(350ish a month), almost brand new looking, lotsa features and wonderful to look at.

    Cons: Weak engine, light duty truck, no plowing or hauling, and limited trailer loads.

    1997 Ford F250HD Club Cab (older body style) - Most options, tow package, heavy duty everything. 72,000 miles. Looks fairly clean, with no major defects, some minor scratches and nicks, was used as a work truck for a contractor. 5.8L Engine. $11,000.00

    Pro: CHEAP, rediculously low payments (190.00 a month or less). Heavy Duty all around, and strong engine.

    Cons: Well used. Old Style Ghetto body. Higher miles. Will need 2 new tires within a year or so. Has really dumb looking cap, running boards and mud flaps. (wierdos) Easy to remove those I guess. Hehe

    Any advice? I guess my delima is, live with the 1500, and its inadequacies, or pay big bux (even under invoice, still expensive) for a new one, or buy something cheap, and older that will do the job.

    I'm torn up deciding guys! Help me out!
  2. KirbysLawn

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    Well I notice all are gas engines, you had mentioned pulling an enclosed trailer. With the Dodge 5.9 get ready to fill up often! I had a 96 Ram and got 7-8 mpg pulling a trailer and 13 empty.

    I have stated before, if you are pulling a heavy load and are buying a gas engine to "save" money, forget about it! I was spending $260-270 a month in gas, I now spend $160-180 a month in diesel. My payment is about $110 more with the diesel, combined with the fuel savings I'm breaking even and have a much more powerful truck with a better resale value.

    If you have a very short route and will use it for business only gas may not matter, I use my truck for business and personel and it has 67,000 miles and it's a 99 and I love the mileage I get with the diesel.

    Things to consider....
  3. jeffyr

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    Of the choices you gave why not look at the older ford right now. It will not fall short of any of the work you have in mind, payments won't be rediculous, you wonn't freak out because you got a scratch on your new work truck, and once you get established and make regular money you can get the toy you want. At this point it seems like a new truck is a waste when the money saved can go into equipment that will earn you more money in less time.

    I agree with Kirby on the 5.9 liter--it chugs gas. Since mine is a personal vehicle, I am sorry I didn't get a little jeep or something similar in size since I am spending a fortune on gas.

  4. AltaLawnCare

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    I used to have a 1500 with a 318 before I got my 00 2500 diesel. I used to work for a fellow who had a 360 1500 - he kept it 2 months before trading for a 2500 diesel. The 5.9 gas just didn't seem to have much more power than my 318, or more importantly, torque.
    IMHO, if you can't swing a dodge with a 5.9 cummins, that ford is the way to go. My second choice would be the 5.9 gas dodge with the straight - you don't want a dodge gas engine with an automatic - unless you can get 4:56 gears under it !!
  5. southside

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    What about the small cabover trucks? Isuzu and Mitsubishi.
    Mitsubishi make a 4WD model Canter. I would imagine it would
    be effective as a snow plough.
  6. roscioli

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    I personally would go with the ford. The 5.8 has good power for a gas engine, and i love that body style :). They make good work trucks, dont have to worry about the paint, etc.. Sell the cap, keep the running boards and mud flaps. I have found that while plowing, to get a look at what i am plowing, i can stand on my running boards while driving (slowely and cautiously of course)
    But wait a minute, now i read again, club cab. WHat size bed? I personally need a 8 foot bed, and USUALLY, not always, extended cab means 6foot bed, and if it IS 8foot, that is one hell of a long truck.
  7. TLS

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    Do they have Truck Trader magazines at your local conveince store? They're $1.25 and usually span a 100mi radius. I just opened last weeks up and saw the following:

    1995 Chevy K3500 Silverado SRW
    V-8, 4x4, Auto Loaded 78K mi
    Clean Truck$14,995

    1995 Ford XL F250HD Ext Cab 4x4
    PS-Diesel Auto 115K

    1997 Dodge Ram 2500HD LT
    V-8 Auto running boards plow prep
    Towing package

    This was just a pick of a few that I just turned to. Dealer ads were full of nice trucks, just no prices on them.

    Dont rush into this purchase, look around, go and talk to some local garage mechanics, they seem to know when someone is looking to sell nice trucks! Also, spread the word to friends about your needs, news travels fast. When people go to trade in say that 97 truck and see that the dealer was only going to give them $13,500 they put an ad in the paper and ask $16,500. That same dealer would have it marked up to $18,500! Try Kelly Blue Book dot com.
  8. TotalLawn

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    Keep looking for a better deal. I found mine in the truck trader:

    1999 Ford F350, Quad cab, 9' flatbed, 4x4, Diesel, 6 speed.

    I paid just over $19,000. That just a little over$2000 more than the 98 1500 you listed. It still has some of the Mfg. warranty on it. Ganted, the resale value varies from region to region, Good used trucks in Okla. are hard to find. You have until the first of next year, don't get in a hurry.
  9. racerdave

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    Bob, have you built your business plan?
    You really should do this before you buy anything for your biz.
    Just some advice....

  10. CMerLand

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    My only point would be to get an automatic for plowing. Long hours on the clutch are not fun, and you go much slower in reverse in a stick.

    Personal experience is that clutches get blown, not everyone can drive stick and there is less room in the truck if you have to cart shovelers with you.

    Eleven grand for that F-250 is cheap. Have it looked over thoroughly as that truck should sell for 2-4 grand more over that, at least along the lines of the trucks Im looking at.


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