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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by blue73thing, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. blue73thing

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    I'm new here, so if this is beaten to death, maybe you can reply w/ a link to the thread.

    For NC mowing business, ie no plowing, how does the Isuzu NPR truck stack up with the Mitsu FUSO offering? I test drove an '05 FUSO FE today w/ box body and liftgate. WAY-COOL and rides about as nice as my Grand Cherokee. Anyway, I plan to try an NPR soon too; but I was told that the MITSU is more generous w/ their warranty time period than Isuzu. That is even though they both provide two years parts and labor, three on the drivetrain, is one better for service than the other?

    Any thoughts for or against either vehicle are appreciated.

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    We don't buy vehicles from Japan, or with jaspanese names, but, I can tell you that the people I know who run the Mitsubishis are alot happier with them, the main reason being power. The Idoodoo runs an engine that could use more ooomph under load.

    That is about all I can help you with...Good luck!
  3. jaybird

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    have you ever seen a box truck with the lift gate have a trailor hitch. i have looked but the lift ram is in the center where the hitch should go.
  4. pottstim

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    I beg to differ with the above post. I run a 2004 Isuzu NPR Diesel/Auto at the publishing company I work for. We print a twice weekly newspaper, plus do commercial printing. We've had the truck for 11 months and currently have almost 13,000 miles. Before we bought, we demoed the Isuzu and the Mitsubishi Fuso FE. I really liked both trucks, and would have been happy with either of them. However I liked the Isuzu better, as did the boss. Here are the reasons: MORE POWER!!! The Isuzu with the auto has 175hp and 347 ft lb of torque. The Mitsu has 145hp and 275 ft lb of torque. Trust me, you could feel the difference. The Isuzu has a 4.75 Liter (290 ci) 4 cylinder, and the Mitsu's 4 cyl is 3.9 Liters (not sure the cubic inches). The Isuzu has better visibility IMO. Bigger windsheild and side windows. The Isuzu has better leg room for the passengers. The Mitsu does have a nicer, more attractive cab. It also had a tachometer and a button you could press to check the oil level. One thing I really like on our Isuzu is the cab vent on the roof. You can adjust it to where it pulls air in, or pulls air out of the cab. Going back to the power issue, we demoed each truck for 3 days. The dealers were kind enough to allow us to do this. We put each truck through what we normally did with our old Chevy G-30 box truck. Both trucks hauled weight very well, and a good load barely changes acceleration performance. At cruising speed of around 55-60, you could floorboard the Isuzu, and it would take off. The Mitsu seemed kind of lazy, it would slowly gain speed. Most of what I have mentioned is a matter of personal preference. Drive both trucks and see what you think. Three of us at work drove both of these trucks and arrived at the same conclusion that I just explained to you above. Price-wise, the Isuzu was a brand new 2004, and the Mitsu was a left-over 2003 demo with 2,000 miles. The Mitsu came in a few hundred less than the Isuzu only because it was a used truck. Normally, the Mitsu dealer said his price would have been $1,500+ higher for a new one. He did not have any 2004's on his lot at that time. Sorry for the long post. HOpe this helps.
  5. blue73thing

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    Thanks for the post. That's what I was looking for, someone who had tried both and used some rational thought to determine which worked better for their situation. I didn't ask about an extended test drive...maybe I'll see if I can get that setup for each truck too. I drove an '05 FUSO FE 120. Very quiet cab. I'll have to look into the multi-day full use test. Thanks.
  6. blue73thing

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    from NC
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    I think the sites for maxxonlift and del lift gates both had the option for a hitch as well. I think they had an additional piece of flat steel that served as a "drive-under" discouragement. that's where the hitch goes.
  7. Albemarle Lawn

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    Great truck. It has the 3.9 engine and yes the Isuzu is stronger...Isuzus drive away from me on the highway all the time.

    BUT...for 2005 the Mitsubishi has a stronger engine...much stronger, I think it is around 4.9 liters now and is also a multi-valve engine. Mitsubishi also now has a 5-speed automatic so the playing field shoud be level.

    And, the Mitsubishi drives very nice....hard to believe you are on leaf springs.

  8. pottstim

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    Albemarle is correct. Mitsu has a newly designed truck for this year. I just visited the website and it is a nice looking truck. I'm not sure of the specs on its engine, because you have to download a pdf file in order to view the truck's specs. I also checked Isuzu's website. It seems for 2005, they have done some updating to the engine. My 2004's engine is 4.75 Liters, and it says their 2005 NPR's engines are 5.2 Liters. Here are the specs on the updated Isuzu engine:
    -Type Turbo/Intercooled Diesel/4HK1-TC
    -Displacement 5.2 L (317 CID)
    -Horsepower (Gross) 190 HP @ 2,600 RPM
    -Torque (Gross) 387 lbs./ft. @ 1,500 RPM
    The 2005 engine makes 15 more hp and 40 more ft lb of torque than my 2004 does. I'd love to take one for a drive and see how much of a difference their is. Here is the link where you can view the NPR specs:
  9. GTLC

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    International just came out with a new cabover called the CF. Same as the Ford LCF (International makes the Ford big rigs). I know this is a lawn care forum, but most trucking companies won't even consider Japanese trucks. Replacement engines are almost as much as the whole truck, that being a major factor. Just my $.02
  10. GTLC

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    Its got a new V6 twin turbo diesel engine too called the VT 275. 200 hp.

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