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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Carolina Cuttin' Company, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Carolina Cuttin' Company

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    I'm buying decals for my truck. I'll have all my info (Logo, name, email, phone) on the sides, just fine. The back is where things get tricky. I plan to install a headache rack on my truck for practical purposes, so the rear windshield is not an option. That being said, I eventually plan to put a 12" x 36" decal on the tailgate with all my info. However, this will not be visible when I'm pulling a trailer. I intend to purchase a 36" x 48" sign to attach to my trailer gate. (I've checked. People do it.) I'm on a budget, so in the short run it'll either be the tailgate decal or the sign. Assuming a few months in between, which should I buy first? For the time being, I'll probably be driving more with the trailer than without, but the image presented (and size presented) are things I'm considering.
  2. OP
    Carolina Cuttin' Company

    Carolina Cuttin' Company LawnSite Member
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    Correction: 24" x 36" sign.
  3. bolc5150

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    Most of the time you will have the trailer behind you so, I would sign the back of trailer. My opinion. ;)
  4. JDgrassman

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    The company I work for “Joes’s Lawn care” Bossman made the call to wrap the trucks, we also have signs on our trailers tailgate they all look really good and definitely increases the look of professionalism.
  5. ManuelMowing

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    Spend some good money and get them professionally done. The cheap magnets are well.... cheap. Remember, you are doing this to make money and get your name out there. We got our trucks done and they were around $200 a truck and look much better than magnets. Since doing it we have got a ton of calls and compliments. Try and keep it simple on your design. I wouldn't put your email on there, people are going to look at your name and then maybe your phone number. The key to putting a design on your truck is to get people to recognize your name. Once they see you over and over they will know who you are. You are probably not going to get a lot of phone calls directly from somebody taking down your phone number off your sign, rather you will get people to look up your name when they get home.

    I would save your money for the rear sign on your trailer rather than one on the back of your truck. For us, we have a trailer hooked up 99% of the time so the tailgate would be blocked.
  6. OP
    Carolina Cuttin' Company

    Carolina Cuttin' Company LawnSite Member
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    Hi, all. Thanks for the advice. I did my numbers again, and found I could afford a sign for the trailer and for the tailgate. I ordered with decals, and here's why. My colors are dark blue, white, and bright green. Here's my business card. CCC Business Card_Front.jpg My truck is tan/brown. Here it is. Truck and Trailer.jpg

    My colors just won't stand out on my truck. In a year or two, I want to consider getting all the dents beaten out of it and having it repainted white. Then, I think I'll go with something more professional. I'll upload pictures of the truck when I get it all "decorated". Keep a look out in a week or two.
  7. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    Whatever design/logo you have,,,,make it SUPER BIG on the truck doors, and then your phone # to keep the budget in check. YOU get 1-2 seconds of attention from the lettering and that's it. You want your Brand (logo) to be right in their face cuz that is all the time you get....leave out the green info from your business card as it takes away from the available space you have on the truck door...... you can always add on lettering on of the website along the top portion of the bed and list services under that ulr/domain name...

    Sign on the back of trailer is better placement than on the tailgate...I would skip the tailgate all together as you can't see it well with the trailer...which is always with you in this biz.... also might letter the side of the trailer if you get into high side or wooden inserts (which you probably will if you haul anything other than mulch...which the rear sign also helps seal in the area so that the cargo doesn't fly out in transit...
  8. OP
    Carolina Cuttin' Company

    Carolina Cuttin' Company LawnSite Member
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    Hi everyone. Don't know if anyone is actually still watching this forum, but I promised to post pictures of my decals, so here they are, for better or worse.

    I think the banner looks great!
    Trailer 1.jpg

    I think the side looks pretty good until I get the whole truck done in a few years, hopefully.
    Truck 2.jpg

    I'm not so happy with how the tailgate looks, but it will work.
    Truck 1.jpg
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  9. Mowingman

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    Nothing wrong with that sign setup. Looks good, and, your phone number shows up good. The phone number is the most important part of the signs.
  10. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Man, I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan. I think the banner won’t hold up after a few trips. The “decals” just look cheap imo. They don’t mesh well with the body lines of your truck. I honestly think you could have done a lot better with the same $.

    With that said, I think it’s better than not having any signage at all. I think I would have saved my $ and just had a sheet metal sign made for the trailer gate and left the truck signage off until you got the truck painted how you wanted.

    Just fyi, I’m not trying to beat you down here, just being completely honest.

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