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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by theWRIGHTcut, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. yardguy28

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    I can't count how many times I've been stopped by neighbors of my clients or people walking down the sidewalk or driving by.

    I wouldn't say I REALLY stand out. in fact other than my company name across the back of my shirt currently neither my truck or trailer is logo'd.
  2. scotts lawn care

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    It looks classy to only have a company name and logo, but if you could add your website address that looks good too. When i got new uniforms i asked my embroidery lady too not put the phone number on them. Who looks at your shirt to write down a phone number? I went with my name, logo, and website.
  3. theWRIGHTcut

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    thanks for the replies everyone, these are all things I wanted to hear.

    @ prizeprop, I'm no longer in NJ anymore, but you're right, I got pulled over by a statey with my original sign back in the day, didn't have my location, he gave me a break for being "a hard working" young kid... I was so gracious of that. Good guy.

    So I'm leaning toward just the name & logo, but adding in a website address over wheel well like GMLC mentioned... it's perfect and easier to remember than a number while driving down the road.

    Here's the real, lame truth, my phone number is staying the same right now, and the area code doesn't match my new location.... I think people will be skeptical of it. VT is a strange place on the map lol
  4. yardguy28

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  5. prizeprop

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    It's NJ. They like to make laws here.
  6. theWRIGHTcut

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    exactly, it's New Jersey... A huge reason I moved, I will love NJ it's my home I was born and raised there, but the list of rules and regulations grows with each day.

    I think the purpose of that particular law is for identification, not to mention I don't think you can drive with signs on your truck if it isn't registered commercial, so that's just another way to mail you a citation... heck, i should pretend like i really know...
  7. GreenI.A.

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    MA is simular, with commercial plates you need the company name and either a phone number or location. But if you have usdot numbers then you do not need the phone or location. Police departments can ticket you $100 per day for improperly lettered vehicles. Some departments will kneal you day after day for it while others don't care.

    As far as my experience, my trucks are either heaily lettered or fully wrapped. The Front doors have the company name and phone number and the beds have the website. Most leads we get from the trucks come through the website, someone sees the site and goes on to check it out later. I have a number of different domains, a couple for each division that are simple and easy to remember. Whet I tend to get for phone calls from the trucks for are usually neighbors at the sites calling to complain, and the almost weekly call of a guy calling saying he is behind the truck in trafic and the driver cut him off. As far as location, I choose not to list it on the trucks as we do installs across 25%-30% of the state.
  8. fivestar.clean

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    I fully agree with having company name and info and even services you offer on your truck here in mn lawn care competition is disgusting you put up cards on a bulletin the next lawn guy will take them down. you put flyers on a door the next guy takes them down to put his up. I think in this industry standing out is the best thing you can do make people notice you
  9. easy-lift guy

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    The name of the business along with a phone number and or a web-site address is just good business sense. I have never heard of anyone not willing or wanting to provide as much contact information as possible for their business.
    easy-lift guy
  10. yardguy28

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    I think a lot of it has to do with how busy you are and how much more business you want.

    what's te point in advertising at all, ads logos on vehicles, etc if your schedule is becoming full or your looking to slow down or cut down.

    now those with employees I'm sure don't want to slow down or cut down and there schedule is never really full but a solo is a diff story.

    currently I have no logos on my truck or trailer. haven't had any for the last 2 years. some of that is because my sister is designing a logo for me and is taking her time. but being solo and being that my schedule is becoming full for what I can handle solo I don't feel it a need to have them.

    when I do get them put back on it will be just the company name and number.

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