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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by firstclass1, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. firstclass1

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    Hello, Got a question i have 95 chevy Z-71 which i have "personal" auto insurance full coverage on it. I drive it daily plus for doing my landscaping business. The truck is fully letterd on the doors and tailgate. Do i need to get commercial auto insurance, now that i letterd the vechicle with my business name? If i get in a accident eill my personal auto insurance cover it ? Their is a big price differance when i called about the two. Any comments will be great.. Thanks :cool2:
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    Do you think you could get a better awnser from a bunch of lawnguys all over the country, or a local insurance company? I would call the agent, you will get more sound advise there.
  3. mmacsek

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    To take the last post, lawnman scott, one step further check with different agents. The rates are different. State Farm charged alot more but I switched to Erie and the rates were less. It will be hard to get advice here because this is a local thing. Good luck. Matt
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    If you have an accident with a "for hire" truck your personal insurance will deny your claim. Commercial vehicle insurance is quite a bit more expensive. The DOT doesn't like "personal" trucks pulling/operating for "commercial" use. They see dollar signs when they stop you, MAJOR fines!
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    Firstclass, Where are u from in Michigan. Me, Bloomfield Hills.. Check around for quotes. I go thru Nationwide but there is other good ones around. Look in the yellow pages, but make sure the agent your calling does Commercial Insurance.

    And last but not least, Welcome.

    Lots of good info here. Read on.
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  7. Darr57

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    You didn't mention who your insurance carrier was, but I have State Farm for my 7 trucks they are all listed as "non-farm/utility vehicles" it is for small business. My rates are actually cheaper like this than if listed personally you just have to have your agent run a drivers report on any employees you have driving your vehicles.
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    Good Day,
    Welcome Firstclass1, Add it to your Company insurance policy, "Small Business Policy", it is so much cheaper this way. And be ready if you have an accident, and not covered under your business, you could say good bye to your home, personal property ect, ect. If you are a Sole Proprietor, I would recommend going "LLC Business". protect yourself...
  9. Popper357

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    I would like to know what companies are being used for the best rates. My commercial vehicle policy through Amercian Family is $1900 a year and the best I can find. I have all of my DMV points, no tickets for years. Yikes, I want to add a motorcycle to my insurance it ouch,

    I live in MO, BTW.
  10. marko

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    I canceled my personal truck insurance, got 1,000,000 coverage, my spraying insurance, and equipment for the same price as I was paying just for auto insurance. It pays to check with the independant agents!

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