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truck load of poison Ivy

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I have a truck load of bushes that have cut two weeks ago monday. In that it has poison ivy. When I cut them I wound up doing time in the local hospital because I had a bad allergic reaction to the Ivy and it became infected. I wonder now that I'm healed up and the stuff has been dead sitting in my truck for two weeks now If I'm safe to unload it. Anyone have any Idea what would u do?
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Push the button on the dash and dump it.... LOL......

Im not sure what to tell you. More than likely, the oils are still all over the place. I would def. wear gloves/pants, and just be careful about touching the bed of the truck. Im not sure how long the oils linger though......
just a long handle rake and push out, and also a long handle brush to clean it out.

But seriously, as posted above, I have no idea how long the oils stay around. Maybe just take it too a power wash place and triple wash it. That might help
I have come down with quite the case even though the vines had been dead for quite awhile. If you had that bad of reaction the first time, would be dang carefull.
You can still get poison ivy even after it has been cut and died out. If you have a bad allergic reaction around it, I would find another solution to unloading it or go ahead and reserve you a room with a good view at the hospital.LOL Seriously though, find someone who would understand your situation and pay them accordingly to help you out. If you have employees, put them on it and make sure they use rakes to push it out so they aren't handling it either. After it is dumped, go to the car wash and soak that baby down.
ParkerLawn is telling you right. The active oil (urushiol) is still present and active long after the plant is dead and dry. And it is measured in micrograms (millionths of a gram). It doesn't take much to get you. Yeah you want to wash the truck out good and make sure your tools are clean too. It can even get you from tiny amounts that are on boots or other clothing. I suspect that the oil must break down eventually though....
If you have to do it, wear long pants ,sleves and gloves. As soon as your through trow out the gloves,shower and wash the clothes. Learn to regocnize poison ivy and stay out of it. Leave those jobs to someone unaffected by it.(or someone who doesn't know what it is.
Whatever you do, do not touch it again. Poisin ivy oils can last up to a few years and still cause a break out. Get th elongest handled rake you can find and try to get it out like that then wash the back of your truck out with a Degreaser to get all the oils out.
Is it a standard pickup? if so... drop the tailgate and drive like you stole it!
If ever I saw a good reason to hire a day-laboror through a temp service....
Crawdad, just kidding, of course ;) actually, I could unload that for you, I have no allergies.
There are plenty of ointments on the market that eliminate the oils. There are also ointments that can be used prior to handling the poison ivy.

Check your local pharmacy. Or do a search online. I buy many products like that for the men at Gemplers
Poison Ivy oil lasts FOREVER !!! Was born & raised on a farm and some poison ivy got baled up. 2 years later while feeding cattle, in the middle of the winter, I ended up with "it". If you know you've been in it, wash up with bleach. If the rash appears, this hurts like hell, but slather bleach on it & then scratch the blisters open. Poison against poison nueltralizes. This works for me and I get it just looking at it. I've even gotten it from burning brush and standing in the smoke!!! Remember tho.......if you touched your door handle, steering wheel, seat, etc. the oils are there now too. Good luck to you. Don't know what that stuff was ever on the earth for in the 1st place.
I get it to just lookin at it...I have help thats imune. I let them play in it...

Pressure washer would definately not hurt. Might wanna pressure wash inside the cab as well..;)
Thanks for the answers I'm not going to attempt to unload it myself. my bro. will help me he's not allergic to it.
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