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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mrm31790, Aug 21, 2011.

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    I have a f350 with a dump insert. I am building a leaf box on it. It is to high to pull tarps so I'm buying a billy goat loader. I do not want to have to use two trucks. How can i mount this on my truck/or trailer frame the easiest? It cant be on the tailgate because of dumping..... Pictures anyone? Thanks guys
  2. Barrett Landscaping

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    just mount it on the front of the traier whether that be the tonge or the front rail
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    There are 3 ways you can mount your loader.

    On the trailer (tongue or rail) like member DLAWNS did

    Or if you can't get your trailer into tight areas for pile pick up you can use a swing away mount. You might have to modify it like this one to pull a trailer behind


    The third way, you would have to check with your DOT to see if its legal to do, is to mount it to the plow frame on the front of truck like pictured here


    Hope this helps!
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    The second way mentioned I looked into but tends to be hoking and if the DOT pulls you over a homemade unrated piece like that most likely will get you a ticket.

    A fourth way I have works well for solo operators or larger operations. I mounted a removable reciever hitch to the dump insert itself and don't use the rear tailgate. I put a swing away mount in the reciever hitch. To unload, unhook the trailer(can be skipped with small loads), swing away the loader, pull the back wall out (mine is plywood but could be metal), and dump. No heavy lifting of leaf loaders etc.

    If your insert is metal than the mounting the reciever mount is pretty easy. You can buy a bolt on reciever from northern tool. I have a aluminum insert so I welded up a hitch to a 3'x3' plate to spread the weight and have a backer plate on back to bolt it to. I remove the plates during the season but only takes 10mins on or off.

    It is a slick way to have it set up.

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    does anyone know how to mount a loader to a fisher plow frame?? i have a 16 HP giant vac and need input on how to mount it
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    PM me I ll get you some pics of mine and an explanation. There is a better way

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    We have mounted ours directly to our barn door so it swings out of the way when door is opened. On our regular dump body we fabricated a swing away that mounted directly to the side of the dump body. Personally we like removing trailer to suck up wing rows of leaves. But it does enable us to use only 1 truck for cleanups, which is what you are looking for. Good luck.
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