Truck, mini-ex and trencher stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by GreenI.A., Apr 30, 2011.

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    Thank God for the rental company!!
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    So I have a little more information now, according to one of the pieces of $h!t the grabbed the truck and trailer around 6 a.m. The way my yard is set up is that my house is about 300 feet or so off of the road. There is a second driveway that goes down and circles around to the back yard and my bar which is fenced in. They used a bettery oppperated sawzall to get through the masterlock on the gate. Not only is my house set back off the road but there is a second driveway that circles around to the back yard and shop area, this driveway goes right under my bedroom window. Weekend mornings I wake up at 6:30 am. If it was during the week I would have already been up and would have caught them. I live a mile from a large industrial pard so they grabbed they truck/trailer and stached it there for a few hours. The detective said they did this so that if I had a tracker I would probably notice it gone in the a.m. and have it activated and the police would find it their. But when they came back and the truck was still their they assumed there was no tracker and thought it was safe. Just happened to be that I didn't notify the rental company yet.

    But what made the guys so stupid is - #1 all three of them went back to pick it up and the fourth guy drove the other vehicle. Why the hell would three of them get in the truck when only one needed to take the risk? #2 my trucks arent exactly easy to blend in. This was a Crew Cab F350 Duelly that is FULLY WRAPPED, once the report went out it wouldn't be hard to miss.

    The thing I am glad about is normally I keep all the equipment on the trailer but I got in after my guys the night before and was too lazy to unhook never mind unload the equipment. If the mini-ex wasn't on there my trencher would probalby be sold and my truck stripped.
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    One thing I did this week was I went to Tractor Supply (this store is great, we heve one for this half of the state and fortunetly it's about 3 miles away) and picked up a couple of Gates. I weleded them up at the hinge end and we now double lock then closed. I put these gates in the middle of the back driveway right under my bedroom window so that someone will need to work for a few minutes extra minutes to get in. I might not be able to legally shoot a future thief pos for trying to get in my gate but i'm far from a neighbor and have plenty of room for a berial ground outback. Only problem with this is my girlfriend is already complaining when she hears my diesels idling in the driveway below the window while were opening the gate to leave in the am

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