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Truck Modifications...

SlimJim Z71

LawnSite Senior Member
Just curious as to what kind of mods you guys have made to your trucks to help them plow better, or make things more comfortable?

My mods:
K&N Generation II Air Intake
Hypertech Power Programmer
Optima Red Top Battery
Powermaster 200-amp Alternator
Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings
Navigator Back-up Light mounted to my hitch
Highlighter Light Bar
Air Lift Load Control air bags in the back
Weather Tech wind deflectors
Deflecta-Shield Bug Deflector
Custom-Built (By me) Center console tha holds my;
Plow Controls
Spreader Controller
Mag Light
Hands-Free kit for my cell phone.
Oh... and I tweaked my torsion bars up a little

I've spent a lot of time adding things on to my truck, and so far, every one of them has helped... especially the sway-bar bushings.

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John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
I put dual 725CCA Interstate batteries in my 89 and 91 GMC's.I alos put airlift airbags and on board compressor on the 89 2500,it has the V-box in it.I put a .25" smaller pulley on the alternators,that gives fulloutput at 1100 rpms,instead of 1500.I put an icebeg back plate and 140 amp conversion on both my 100 amp alternators.I put B&M trans coolers and a spin on in line trans filter on both trucks.Coolers are 19000 lb rated.I am getting a 4 strobe light system put on the 91,if I like it,ill get the other one done next season.I added back aux lights on both trucks,thru a relay,with bypass switch,so i can run them all the time if needed.I installed crimestopper remote start units on both trucks that also have keyless entry,this is a must for starting the truck as im getting dressed.I like being able to keep it running,with heat on when i go inside at the gas station or diner,while the keys are in my pocket and its locked up.I have deflecta shield vent visors to help keep out the snow when the windows are down while plowing.Since these are work trucks mostly,Im not to concerned with performance mods,they both run great
and have 350 EFI engines,that do the job stock,easily.I also put in 3 spot cigarette lighters that I wire to the ignition side for power.I plug my beacon,radar detector,and sander controls into this and my cell phone stays in the stock one thats always hot.That way i dont forget to turn on the beacon when i get in or turn it off when i get out.

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LawnSite Senior Member
Flint, Michigan
We just get 2500's and 3500's from the factory. We order 4.10 rears, moderately agressive tires, snow plow prep package, and dual batteries. We just get 8' plows put on them and start pushing snow.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
You guys have too much money & free time on your hands. I got nice coffee cup holders, slapped the SIMA stickers on & gave the trucks a good kick in the rear bumpers while giving them the speech about how they'd better behave this winter if we get any snow ;)

Five Star Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Bronze Member
the ram cup holders will hold a supersized drink no ploblem and it ajust to hold the little ones happymeal drinks.


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
I had to LOL at the mods you guys need to do to your Chebbys. My Ram is the same way it came out of the box. Only addition was a backup alarm and two backup spots. I ordered it with all the HD stuff I could get, plus carpet delete-nothing like the smell of month-old slush in a carpet on a warm February day.

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
Dave,Im going to miss it,but it was a little long for big lots and since i drive the 89 now with the v-box.I didnt trust anyone else in the big Ram.It was to clean to put the V-box in and then it wouldve been even longer.My chevys do not need any of the mods I did,but in doing them i hope to prevent a breakdown at a later date that could cost a lot more than the upgrade.I am picky about my trucks.My Dodge had just as many mods,so you better get that shift kit ordered for the Dodge if its an auto.