Truck Mounted Billy Goats

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by groundsguy1970, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. groundsguy1970

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    I would be intrested in what other owners have to say about their truck mounted billygoats htr 1601 here's the pic:

    I like to know your comments and what type of debris.
    Also has anyone had cable problems with this blower:

    I love it but I broke the throttle cable and the chute cable in two weeks.:angry:
    :D Oh well that's the game- you will only break something when you really need it!
  2. landscaper3

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    We run the Billy Goat 11hp hitch mounts. We had a 2" reciever welded on passenger side of trailer hitches so we can tow a trailer with loader conected. We love them! Up here in Maine its nearly impossible to mulch leaves so we run them over mabey ounce with one of the ZMasters to chop em up smaller and then vac them up with the Walker mowers! Fastest way possible up here. And god knows we tried almost all the ways. The only problem with the 11hp are they bog down with wet debri but if your looking at the 16hp its a much nicer and powerful unit then ours.
  3. gene gls

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    Billy Goat is a good brand. I have used a 8 HP Giant Vac with my 3/4 ton pick up and its good except as Brian mentioned, wet leaves move hard. I think a 16 HP in a pick up is over kill but you need the extra force for loading a 10' dump. Check out this site. This company makes some rugged equipement, . I am planing on getting a 16 HP electric start and mounting it to my plow frame next spring.

  4. beck

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    I have the 16hp BG. I would have to say I am pleased with it. I have it mounted behind the passenger seat on my 12' stake body. It is a little awkward starting it. The starter rope sits even with the bulkhead and I have to stand on the door frame to start it. There is about a $1000 price difference in the 20hp with electric start which may be worth it.
    It does get clogged from time to time but not too frequently. And I have used it on wet leaves and heavy wet grass

    I put it on the truck so i would not always have to have the trailer with me.

    Overall two thumbs up. Makes life much easier and much more efficient.

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