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    McDonald's is the best selling burger, doesn't mean it's the best.

    What about the transmission? The Aisin is a great transmission, I have 67k on mine and plow snow without a hiccup.

    They all do. They all have for many years. What's your point?

    Ford owns Ford, it's all in Ford's hands.

    The fact is that the inline 6 diesel makes greater torque at lower RPM than a V8 will ever be able to do, because of it's design. And when you want towing or plowing power, you're talking torque, not HP. And higher torque at lower RPM's means better fuel economy and less wear and tear.
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    People who are contemplating buying a new tractor care.
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    Yes my 6.7 is a 14 i think. The reason they are the number one selling vehicle is simple. They offer great fleet pricing. I see most fords as company vehicles and then the crowd that buys a 60,000 diesel 3/4 ton to pull their boat to the lake a few times a year. The large majority of people in my area that rely on their truck to make a living are driving Dodge or Ram. As i stated before i am a die hard Chevy man, but i own a fleet of Dodges and now Rams because in the 1 Ton to Ton and a Half market the Ram with the Cummins is simply the strongest and most dependable. My opinion is based off of personal experience with the vehicles i have talked about. The straight 6 that Cummins uses produces more torque than the V motors that Ford uses.
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    I didn't get fleet pricing but still got almost $10,000 of on my 2013 F250, and $7,000 of my 2016 F150. The Ford Dealers gave me the best options and deals. Maybe I ran into good dealers, idk. But even when I had warranty issues, the Ford customer service was great. GM, Cadillac is terrible. Bought a new CTS coupe, wheel bearing out at 50,000 miles and GM was terrible.
    I know Ram can sell their trucks at a good price because they are made in Mexico so labor is cheap. Yes Cummins makes a good engine. Just concerned about the rest of the truck.
    2017 data shows Ram Cummins 800 lbs torque, Ford 860 Ford is 2013 Ford has 800.
  5. jimSo14

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    Realistically, today I think all the trucks are actually pretty good. I guess it just boils down to your experience and what you like. So If you buy a Ford, have good luck you stick with Ford. Same goes for Ram. I think Ford just is more refined on the things you don't see.

    I don't have any experience with 1 ton, ton and a half though. Only 1/2 ton, quarter ton. But if Ford offers good fleet pricing ....that's a good thing for the consumer, no ?
  6. AI Inc

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    I like fords , always have.
    I have a ranger , a f-150 , and f-250 and a f-350. Wife drives an escape.
  7. Mark Oomkes

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    I had 3 6.0s and Ford via the dealers were horrible to deal with. These trucks cost me so much money it makes me want to cry.

    So I had bought 6 trucks from the same dealership...had a 7.3 that was a month out of warranty when the oil pan started weeping as they are known to do. They wouldn't warranty it because it was a month past. 6 trucks!!!!! I never bought another truck from them again.

    Had a F550 that had the TSB for a leaking grease seal, rear axle. Had it to 2 different dealers a total of 3 times to fix it. Never did, I brought it to another shop and paid to have it fixed.

    My F350 had a TSB for the carrier bearing shims installed backwards. Hook up a trailer and when accelerating from a stop, felt like the ass end of the truck was going to fall off. Brought it in to the dealer I bought it from, with the TSB in hand, idiots reflashed it. Had to bring it in again to another dealer to get the work done under warranty.

    I can go on, but the point is Ford blew it for me and so did their dealers. Way back when we had a Dodge that the tranny went out at 72K. It was warranted, no questions asked. That was back in the days of 7/70. In all reality, after the 6.0 fiasco, I can't afford a Ford.

    And maybe the Ford is more expensive because it is more refined than the RAM. Maybe it has nothing to do with where it is built. Because that has been beat to death ad nauseum as well.

    The Ram is manufactured at Saltillo Truck Assembly in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and Warren Truck Assembly in Warren, Michigan, United States.

    So give the whole "this truck was made in America" line a rest. Japanese cars are the top 5 made in America.
  8. jimSo14

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    I rode in a Mexican made Ram one out my wallet was gone !! Just a joke.

    Yes if I had those bad experiences I would be mad at Ford too. Maybe they wised up !
  9. Big steve

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    Tell me about it. I too just purchased a new F150 & it tows my 3500lbs with ease. If one where to get an Ecoboost F150 they tow up to 12000 lbs...
  10. jimSo14

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    yes ...the large engine option pulls almost as much as a 250. The smallest engine..mine pulls 7,500 with tow package...will even automatically back up a trailer !!

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