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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Colorado Mowerboy, Nov 19, 2003.

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    I'm curious on how people in the irrigation business stock there truck. Do you look at last years sell sheet, or do you just guess on what you need. My problem is my sprinkler tech drives to sprinkler store for a 2.00 fitting that we don't have on truck. We need that part to do the job, but a half to a full hour wasted for a 2.00 part. I keep telling my employees, "billable hours", that is not very good billing time.
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    stock your truck with EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! it all pays off in the end...

    actually, we stock a few of every fitting, valve, head, backflow...everything! when a tech uses something on the job, it is their responsibility to replace said fitting. simple and effective.

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    for your viewing pleasure

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    After doing it for a long time you kind of know what to keep on the truck during what time of the year. You don't need 20-30 bonnets or ball valves for freeze damage replacement in August. I try to keep as much on the truck to prevent a wasted trip for a $0.30 piece. The tough things to keep always stocked are the odd replacement pieces for older or rarely used backflow preventers. Or outdated valve diaphragms and solenoids that you see once in 5 years. If for some reason were out of a specific PVC fitting, we'll usually find a way to make due. If were missing a 3/4" tee, we'll use a 1" with reducing bushings just to get the job done. That type of thing. Improvise. But we won't improvise so much that it compromises the design of the system.
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    You gotta stock everything used to build a system in your area. Not every item as in all types or sizes of valves or heads but definitely fittings. We stock all common pvc fittings 3/4"-3" but not 2.5". It is an oddball in our area. We do have one box at the shop of assorted 2.5" pvc. We also stock everything for 1" poly. Diaphrams for 5 common 1" valves. Spray nozzles for RB sprays only. If you got something else we sell you the whole darn RB or Hunter head with nozzle. 4" and 12" sprays and rotors. Shrub adapters and shrub rotors, valve boxes. Hunter Pro-C controllers anad modules. I don't care what you had before. Mini-Cliks or Rain Clicks. 13 conductor wire and waterproof wire nuts. We salvage stainless screws from old valves as well as solinoid plungers. O rings for under solinoids. When getting started just buy some new valaves of brands used in your area and canabalize them for parts. Then you'll have a spare bonnet. screws what ever. After that you may buy parts.

    I think I've written about this before. Search my posts.

    I also have bins in my shop with all of this stuff.
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    go harold, go!:gunsfirin

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