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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by illday, Nov 23, 2004.

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    I purchased a truck in early August, from a franchised dealership( JD Byryder). My temporary plates expired on August 31st and was I tranfering my registration from my old truck to the new one in which the dealership does for me.

    When I called the dealership for a copy of my new registration they informed
    me that that they couldn't register the vehicle because they were waiting
    for the title to come in the mail. ( the vehicle i bought had been reposessed
    from the previous owner) they assured me that they expected the title
    to arrive in the mail within a week.That was three months ago, and I am still
    driving an unregistered vehicle.
    They have offered me a new truck but unfortunately all they have are small pickups aka rangers etc. The truck purchased is perfect for what I do and I
    don't want to part with it if I don't have to.
    I know most of you will say that I am crazy for driving an unregistered vehicle
    but I have been extremely busy and haven't had much of a choice.
    Any advice on what I should do here would be helpful
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    maybe talk with a lawyer about the situation and see whether they can offer you any advice, or even the Secretary of State
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    if it's a franchise, take it up the ladder to the district manager. if it's a runaround, i'd go for a refund and move on.

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