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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Thought I would start a new thread about our needs for vehicles, instead of thread jacking the another one even more.

    Since my company is all service, no installs, no landscaping, no snow plowing, my needs are different than some. I have done primarily all service since '95, with a handful of installs each year up until 2002. So I know what we need and what we don't need to carry. Rarely am I missing something because we couldn't carry it. It's either my fault for not knowing I was out, forgot to pick something up at supplier, etc. Occasionally we have to run for oddball things that we rarely see - Watts and Wilkins products, larger commercial products, or the controller that a homeowner will pay more for to try and match what they had.

    My needs right now are to get a smaller two wheel drive for my fulltime tech, and for (hopefully) another tech that I may have this year. Maybe a third one for me as I put a lot of miles on each year. I'm looking at S10 or Ranger type trucks to cut my fuel bills. Hopefully 4 cyl., maybe 6 cyl. We will still have at least two 1/2 ton trucks - mine and one of the other two we currently own, which are both 4wd. A van would be nice, but once again, cutting fuel bills is key for me.

    Only drawback is for pulling compressors in fall. We will have the two 1/2 tons, but that means possibly someone besides me will drive my nice truck for 6-8 weeks. But when I had my '87 Toyota I pulled around a 185 with my 4 cylinders for two seasons before I traded for a 1/2 ton. I am thinking of a truck mount compressor if we get a third, which a less experience guy could use. Especially if they haven't towed much.

    So what are your preferences, or what do you like or dislike about your rigs now? I know install and plow guys need more than I do.
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    Here are some photos for how we store most of our stuff, at least in one truck. This is not all that goes in this truck, it was when I was getting it set up for the new employee last year. I built the storage, kind of like a Rat Pack set up. I can hold a lot of stuff in here. For our Ford which is a long bed, it holds even more as we made it longer.




  3. DanaMac

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    A few more. I had to get one in with a foot shot. :) With the GMC I can keep some items in the extra cab, like backflows and controllers.




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    Without fuel economy in mind, I would prefer a Step Van. Lots of shelving for parts, and room inside for a small plow and poly pipe.
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    I have a f 350 4x4 that I use to tow the trailer. Like you I am mostly service but we do do a lot of rebuilds after septic installs and we also do quite a few add ons. That truck is also used for service. Then I have an 04 e 250 van that I drive , again used mostly for service and is on install jobs. I just replaced a 97 f 250 4x4 with an 08 2.3 ranger 2 wd. This truck will be used as a service vehicle. I like working out of the van as I do all of the copper plumbing repairs and it holds more tools and supplies then the others. As much as I like working out of it, I hate driving it. Noisy , lousy fuel milage, tough to see backing up. I did tow a 3rd compressor in the fall with the van. I was the one to drive it as backing up in it towing kinda sucks. I will be adding a 6 cyl f 150 2wd in the fall.
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    Good pics, Dana, especially the shoe shot! We have a Ford 250 w/ 6 cylinder
    & Royal service those fold-down compartments for assembling
    manifolds, etc. Ours has a custom-made pipe rack for 20' sticks, since we
    do service & installs.:)

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    way too drab


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    Maybe you can commission them to convert that beauty for you.
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    No need - it runs on hash oil

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