truck running hot or bad guage ?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BOTURF, Dec 9, 2002.


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    i have a 96 chevy 7.4 liter ( 454) with 70,000 miles and i have noticed temp guage running 210 when normal driving then when i get to stop light it moves up to about 220 then when start driving again back to 210 . Dealership put the tech computer on it and it said something different that guage, tech pc said when after idling for a straight hour it was 198. Dealership put a new thermostate on it plus a new block sensor( the sensor down on the head ) which made no difference in guage reading on the truck .Dealership said it might bea bad guage or a airpocket where sensor runs but really has no answers , they said since it was reading ok with the tech computer not to worry about it till it got up in red . For the life of me i cant remember how long it has been doing this , maybe since i got it ?I do know i watch all guages closer now than before since a friend burnt a motor up .Does anyone else have any ideas BTW all fans including aux fan are working corectly
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    What thermostat did the dealer put in?

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    he put a new 195 degree in it plus the new block sensor to tellthe guage what to read everyone tells me not tp worry cause these big blocks are know to run in the 210 to 220 range anyway
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    I was a mechanic for 5 years but all we worked on were imports. When a car or truck would come in with those conditions we would normally check the radiator to see if it was stopped up. If it is you will have to take it to a radiator shop and have it cored and vated. This will clean out the cores that the water travels in and let the radiator do it's job. Right now it is running normal when you are going down the road (lots of air flow) and running hot when you are sitting in traffic (no air flow). The price will differ from area to area-the town that I live in it would cost you about 45-65 bucks. If you go closer to Atlanta (35 miles) it will cost you over 100 bucks.

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