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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Sep 10, 2002.

  1. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    I've been reading up on magnetic signs and I'm not totally convinced they are the best for me. I was thinking about mounting two 5" high boards along the top sides of the bed, painting them to match the truck and applying 4" vinyl lettering with business name and phone number in a contrasting color on them. I'm concerned it might look cheap and shlocky, what do you think?

    Thanks to all,

    Joel B.
  2. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
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    Go talk to a sign shop and see whats available in your area. The company I deal with designed my name in two tone color vinal letters that adhear to the paint. Looks just like it was hand brushed, both doors and the back of the headboard,$150.00.
  3. the point man

    the point man LawnSite Member
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    I think that 99% of the time, lettering done by or applied by
    people not in the business looks like hell. I'm a former graphic
    artist and I don't even trust myself to do it. My advice is to bite the bullet and have it done by someone who's work you've seen
    and liked.
  4. Tvov

    Tvov LawnSite Bronze Member
    from CT
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    Years ago I did what you are thinking about with the boards on the sides of the trucks. Take your time and do a good job, and they will look fine.


    Professionally done signs do look really nice. If you add up the cost of materials and the time it takes you to do your own signs, a lot of times the cost of professional signs really isn't that expensive.

    I have no idea if this helps you.
  5. 021462

    021462 LawnSite Member
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    I had lettering done on my extended cab windows for $80.00 total. He does it on computer then prints it out and applies it in 2 minutes. Been on the windows sinc May and no problems so far.
  6. lawnworker

    lawnworker LawnSite Senior Member
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    The vinyl letters look really good, I just dont like it when you decide to sell your truck and have to peel them off. Magnetic signs, while not as good looking, can be moved from one truck to another. A toss up if you ask me. Now if you desighn some super graphics, go with the vinyl, you will get more work from them.
  7. trimmer

    trimmer LawnSite Senior Member
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    I like the wood signs that are put into stake pockets. Instead of painting the wood to match your truck and using vinyl letters I would get two or three quality wood planks and stain them. On the wood planks I would leave a little gap in between each of them, take a router and bullnose the edges (round them), then router out your company name or whatever, paint inside them (the color of your truck), then stain and clear. I don't think that would look unprofessional.
  8. I had a sign company paint 2 for me 18" X 8", cost about $160 for 3 colors on marine plywood. They look good for 4-5 years. Much happier with these than the magnetic signs, also I have phone # in 12" letters that can be read from across the street.
  9. TurfGuyTX

    TurfGuyTX LawnSite Senior Member
    from DFW
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    Bob makes a good point. It is important to be able to read your sign from a fair distance. Not just directly standing in front of it. Good luck.
  10. deason

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    I think that I would stay away from the signs in the back of the bed. It may look a little gaudy in my opinion. But again, thats just an opinion.

    I was contemplating the same delima at the start of the season. I decided to go with a 3' x4.5' sign on the endgate of the trailer. The sign is red with white letters. To me, signs on the sides of vehichles are hard to read (especially when they pass you at 45 mph). When it is on the back of your trailer, the person behind you has no choice but to read it. The name and # will stick in thier head for a while if they have to follow you long. :D

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