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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LDH, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Hey fellas, i'm just wrapping up my first year in the business. I've got a logo picked out and was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could get it made for both truck doors and put on. There's a sign company in town, but they only do the plain white vinyl letters. No designs, etc... I want a professional look. My logo is a yellow circle with green rectangle across the bottom. A small green strand of grass is in the top right corner of the circle. I'm in Northern Oklahoma. Thanks guys.
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    Hey LDH – I looked up some sign companies online, and there were quite a few. I was going to post a link but I think I’d be doing you a disservice because there are so many of them. Just Google “magnetic signs” and you will get more information than you can imagine.

    Signs, it seems, range in size from the very narrow, for just your company name and #, to anything that your door, hood or roof can accommodate. Usually you buy at least two, one for each door and the cheapest I’ve found for a pair is about $25 for a 6x12, but I’ve only started researching this tonight. By the way, thanks for the reminder. I’m starting my biz in the spring and needed to get this done.

    Some of the variables, which will affect pricing, include: size, quantity, logo or just lettering, # of colors used. A couple of things that I have learned: 1) you can make a nice enough sign without a logo by simply using a nicer font style, that is, fancy writing, and 2) your sign will have a background that does not count as a color, white. So if you find a deal on a 2 color sign, then you can actually make it 3 colors by letting them fill in the negative space with white.

    Also, I too try to shop local before I look to the internet, but it sounds like your local sign guy simply does not have what you need. I wouldn’t feel bad about that.

    As I find out more I’ll let you know.
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    If I Were You I Would Look Around By Your Place. You Said The Place Close To You Wouldn't Do What You Need So Look Around A Little Further. When You Order Online You Can't See Everything You Need To So If I Were You Just Spend Some Time Looking Threw The Yellow Pages Or Ask Around Town...
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    Thanks guys. I'll check out the online company that lets you layout your own.

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