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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Okay I'am still at it seeing if there is much difference between old and newer.

    The biggest number that is the surprise is the turning radius between the older leaf sprung F450/550 with a 165 wheelbase trucks to todays F-450/550 with the same wheelbase.

    A 99-04 the turning radius is 59.4 feet the turning radius of a 05-current is 48.8 a difference of 10.6 feet that is quite abit. I don't live in the city so turning in city streets not a problem for me. My current truck makes the corners and turns that I need to make with not too many problems.

    Brakes the newer trucks don't have very much size difference in brakes so a 05 and newer truck I'am not going to see anymore braking power. Same rotor sizes little different brake pads. I thought the newer truck used larger brakes but they do not.

    Rear springs the 05 and newer F-450s have 680lb more capacity than a 03 F450. The 05 and newer 550 has 518lbs more capacity than a 03 F-550.

    The long story of it is the only difference between the 05 and newer trucks with coil springs is the better turning radius. On a 4x4 truck the tighter turning radius must be a killer on the axle U joints with the wheel turned that sharp.

    The only benefit of buying a newer truck is having a newer truck so I will end up buying the 03 F-550 4x4. If the 4R100 needs a rebuild I will rebuild it. Not really enough benefits to justify spending 10 grand more for a 2007.

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    Just buy a truck
  3. Gravel Rat

    Gravel Rat LawnSite Fanatic
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    I went to the Ford dealer and ordered a 2010 F-550 4x4 Reg cab XLT Lariat 6.7 cab and chassis it is costing me 69,000 dollars CND.
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  5. Gravel Rat

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    I'am not that stupid I will own a 7.3 PSD powered F-550 4x4 going to look at it on friday and probably bring it home.

    Buy the 550 sell my other truck hope to get 16-18 for it pay off my credit cards and pay off most of the truck then start looking for a cheap used skid. Maybe pay off the credit cards and use the rest of the money to buy a used skid steer.
  6. wanabe

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    This guy just don't get it! Gr for god sakes just go buy the d@m truck! We are all tired of hearing the specs on a 2003 ford truck! Seriously, nobody cares anymore!
  7. Gravel Rat

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    One thing about I have a job your probably un-employeed wanabe.

    Any money I make with the truck is tax free cash jobs the way the homeowners want it. Work 4 hours on my day off make a couple hundred dollars.

    If I make hundred or couple hundred dollars on my days off or after work haul a quick load of gravel or top soil for 60 bucks after work.
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    GR- Just curious do you put this much thought into getting dressed in the morning?
  9. wanabe

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    Gr, I just bought a T300 Bobcat and guess what....Paid all cash for the machine! Everything I own is paid for and have 0 payments. If you make so much money then just go buy a new truck and pay cash for it. Not wine on here about payments and credit card debt. Oh yeah, Im self employed in my business now.
  10. Gravel Rat

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    Anytime I buy anything I look at the pros and cons even when it comes to buying supplies for the gov't.

    Hope fully the economy will improve and I can make 10 grand this spring to summer.

    I may gross 42,000 a year with the gov't the bank still wants to see 80-90,000 if you want to buy any property.

    If I work the gov't job and I work on my own I have a job that pays all my medical etc I get paid holidays. The paychecks are gauranteed it is why the banks can give me a loan with no questions asked I'am limited to 32,000 dollars thou.

    When I went to ask for another loan for my truck not a problem. I never could do that before when I was self-employeed. I can get a loan easier than my brother or my parents.

    The cost of living in this province is only going to get higher when the provincial gov't announces they spent a billion dollars on the Olympics.

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