Truck Stake pocket mesh cage..HELP!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by XOFMOT, Sep 1, 2001.


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    Just picked up all the raw materials today for what my plans call out for (tubing, angle iron, expanded steel....). Will start building this weekend and start shooting a series of pics while I'm in the process of building it, to share with all who wish to do the same! Wish me luck!:D
  2. Sean Adams

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    I think a good place to look would be at our site, Look in the truck section. There are companies that make all different kinds of accessories and attachments. Good information.

    Sean Adams
  3. Vzavala622

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    My cousin is building a cage for my 09 Silverado. Material was more then I expected but hes giving me a break on labor. I plan on using tarps when ever we are hauling grass clippings or anything smaller. I think the steel catches customers eyes a lot more then wood. The cousin is also welding some 3/4 rings to top of cage so we can switch out signs by just hooking them on. Changing advertising with the seasons is the way to do it. Ill post pics when available.

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