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truck stalls when using dump body

General Grounds

LawnSite Senior Member
:blob3: well here the problem when i operate my dump body the truck runs eractic and if i dont keep steady pressure on the gas pedal it will stall, as soon as i back off the switch it runs fine. i recently changed the altinator and has a new battery from before winter, really not sure what else to look for, any help. tony


LawnSite Gold Member
sounds like the hydraulic motor is pulling alot of amps and the alternator isnt putting out enuff to keep up. you may need a special high out put alternator or go to a dual battery set up to keep enuff voltage in the system to operaste the truck and trailer at the same time


LawnSite Member
What make make, model, and year truck ? I seem to remember a friend mentioning something similiar to your predicament on a recent Ford. An electical aftermarket accessory was added to the truck. When using the new toy the truck would stall. If I remember correctly it had to do with a computer glitch.


LawnSite Member
What you really need to do is find the documentation on both the motor/pump for the dump and alternator and battery/s for the truck. If the motor requires 10 amps and your alternator gives 8 (even though it is new) you will have the truck stall.

Also, make sure all other electrical sources are off (i.e. lights, radio, a/c, etc.) Basically, you will maximize the amperage (power) to your dump motor.

How about the idle RPM's on your truck? Is it running too low?

Eric 1

LawnSite Bronze Member
Toccoa Ga.
Sounds like you dump motor is shorting out or grounding some were. Check all the wires and connectors.