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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Atlantic Lawn, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I've gone through more tires on our trailers than I can remember. We run the proper hitch drop so the trailers run level, properly inflated as well. I've always run "trailer" tires on our dump trailers and wouldn't think of running anything else. I've run bias and radials in the proper configuration and never seem to get more than a season or so out of them. Maybe 15,000 miles. The most we usually haul is a few Z's and walkbehinds per trailer. I had an old beat 16' tandem trailer that I put "truck" tires on. Figured I give it a try and I know they don't have the same sidewall construction but I gave it a try. The tires did great ! I sold the trailer a couple years back to a tree guy. He hauls logs and branches with it and as best as I can figure these tires are now about three and a half or four years old. I looked at them the other day and they still were wearing ok, no uneven wear or bad blems. If a tire can handle the weight of a loaded down pickup shouldn't it handle a couple of mowers ? I'm buying quality tires and they just don't seem to last. Does anyone else run truck tires on single or tandems ?
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    15,000 miles is Pretty good on dual axel trailer.
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    Try a one higher load rating maybe even two up, that did the trick for me.
    Because mine came originally with bias-plies, they hardly lasted a season and I mean you could see the bare thread works in spots.
    Not sure about the mileage, I go by years but I am sure my first year I didn't put that many miles on.

    But I could see the problem, stupid things would balloon wobble-wobble wawawa as I was driving down the road.
    So then I took a radial, and I went another load rating past what the trailer called for.
    I think it calls for B's and I got C's on it.

    Costs more upfront, but I get at least 3-4 years out of them, $80 or so + labor it's a $100 tire.
    Still not sure I keep getting nails in the sidewall before they're half way, but I dare say they last a good 3-4 or 5 even, years.

    Way I figured it, which is cheaper: $70x2 tires every year, or $100x2 tires every 3-4?
    Just the time I don't have to spend at the trailer shop is worth it to me.

    Keep in mind, with load ratings the LOWER the letter the HIGHER it's rating.
    So a C is better than a B, tougher sidewalls for one.

    You'll have to look at your tire find out its load rating.
    I say if they only last a year then go TWO ratings higher (two letters down).
    Might cost you $120 a tire but I promise no regrets.

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