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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by newguy123, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. cpllawncare

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    Here's a hint, it doesn't have to be a Cadillac, a well maintained, plain white truck that is clean, rust and dent free will suffice. But a 20+ year old rusted out oil dripping, dent infested truck won't! This has nothing to do with the lawn that a totally different discussion.
  2. Turf Commando

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    There's many newer trucks dented, that drip oil have poor maintenance and guess what they have high class customers. The debate is juvenile at best.
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  3. Groomer

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    I agree that a truck doesn't have to be new-but for me it has to be clean, not spotless, just tidy clean, sure its gonna get dirty-hell, my previous 99 still had grass behind the plastic in the dash when I sold it-but it still ran good and looked good. Dings and scratches? yup, but I wasn't chuggin' down the street blowing smoke, with busted springs, and wearing 3 different colors of paint. But thats just me.
  4. GMLC

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    In my opinion and experience people view clean trucks, trailers and equipment as an example of your work. If you dont care about your own stuff or equipment why would you care about their property? I have always said this is a cut throat business. I always assume my competition does great work too. Its the little things that seperate us.
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  5. 32vld

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    If one had the money to buy a new truck then they should have collision and be able to afford to have the truck body fixed.

    Same with the oil leaks.

    Again a truck and trailer do not have to be new to look clean and presentable.
  6. BladeGunner

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    Times have changed due to the failing economy, you have to be on your A+ Game.

    Back in the late 90's before I owned my business I worked for my uncles company and we had so many clients we worked 7 days a week and we actually had to turn down some customers because we were too busy, and guess what, we drove 2 beat up old and ugly Chevy trucks.

    Back in those days it was different, but I agree that now you have to really be on your top game. I don't drive a brand new sparkling and shiny truck, but I keep it clean and maintained and I wash the machines when it's needed.
  7. Pietro

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    as long as its not a rustbucket I think youre okay. My trucks gets washed a few times a year...but the truck and trailer are lettered, and they look professional.
  8. dllawson

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    I am kind of new to the site, but I think 10 posts in a row that all agree has to be some kind of record.
  9. lawnpro724

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    Trucks should be a rolling billboard and all your equipment should be clean and in good shape and mower blades should be nice and sharp. Image is everything in this business and your quality of work should be second to none.
  10. Drewslwnsvc

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    I always put a high responsibility on having clean equipment Truck, trailer, etc. When someone is purchasing your service they are also purchasing you.

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