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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by newguy123, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I track all my marketing efforts, I can tell you where every lead came from, if it came from the lettering on the truck I know that, if it came from a referral I know that, same for Door hangers, post cards, website and any other marketing I do. Otherwise how do you know what's working and what's not? And where to concentrate your marketing money?
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    This is key. You gotta ask.
  3. PlatinumPlus

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    i agree with knowing where all your business and leads are coming from. its Crucial and will make you profitable if you track it
  4. birddseedd

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    one of my hopefully new customers came from a felow realistate agent that emailed everyone
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    I have been in business longer than dirt is old and am considered extremely successful, I give truck and equipment appearance a 4 their are many aspects of running a business that take priority over the fact your equipment shines but maintaining your equipment to a safe and presentable and legal level is a must. our equipment is not purchased to impress its is hear to earn money.
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    Very interesting sir, thank you for your input!
  7. wagil

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    I guess my 95 Chevy 2500 2 tone wouldn't make it in today's world even though there isn't a lick of rust on it.

    I would agree FLASH does sell, and it sells all day long. It;s just human nature so gravitate towards the new and shinny object.

    If a guy is operating out of an open trailer it wouldn't be to hard to strip the racks and other things in order to repaint it every other year. Same goes with mowers put a bag over the motor, seat, and hydro's and get to it.

    I've been in the concessions business for 9 years and i see it all the time. people will pay more for the same item just for the wow factor. believe it or not, when you roll up to a job your an extension of the customer while your parked doing that particular job. and as odd as it sounds they take as much pride in your equipment as you do, they just might not know it. so I would give appearance at least an 8. shirts are cheap if nothing else buy a bunch of blanks from jiffyshirt so everyone on the crew at least has a matching t-shirt.
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    I am big on appearance. How you look shows how you are, how you operate your business, what you put into your work and your business. A perfect example (and I don't usually like using examples, such as one of these) .. but look at those in sales, Real Estate, and of course lawyers. They dress and carry themselves in a professional manner because people perceive them as successful because of the way the dress and appear. If they look good, they appear to make money .. therefore they must be good at what they do.

    Just my opinion.
  9. 4seasonsturfandsnow

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    There is no black and white on this one.

    Some customers could care less about appearance. They know what price they want to pay and they want the job done right. Other customers want professionalism and a corporate feel. I think people feel comfortable with corporate, it makes them feel safe.

    At the end of the day though it's always going to be worth it to look good.
  10. RSK Property Maintenance

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    ya, looking good never got anyone less business. more people are gonna see a truck going down the road with a mower behind it, then any ads you might have anywhere. but looking like garbage, could stop people from calling, depending on how superficial the people in your area are depends on how much they care about what your truck, trailer, and equipment looks like. for the areas i work in 70-80% don't care as long as you are the right price, and do a decent job.

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