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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by newguy123, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. ducnut

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    I totally agree with this.

    Put two outfits at the same client, offering the same service, at the same price, and the most professional looking will get the job every time. Even if the more professional looking costs a bit more, they'll still get the job.
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    I believe your question really goes to how you want your company perceived? We all talk so much about branding and what we want customers and potential customers to think when they see us pull up to a job site or going down the road. I can tell you you don't have to have brand new equipment to present a professional image. However in my humble opinion and experience we are best serve when our equipment what ever it is, is clean and functioning correctly when we are out in the field. The question I ask of myself is would I want my company setting in front of my home working on my property. There are many aspects to what we do, however as with most businesses it's the little things that separate the really good ones from the average ones. Hope that helps.
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    I don't know if I can ad any light but here's my 2 cents. My pulling truck is an old Dodge W250 Power Ram, it's kinda beat up but it's clean, my trailer is plain but I keep it painted black at all times, don't want to show rust. And I have been taking my wife's nice Xterra to quote jobs and I wear a nice polo shirt kacky shorts and decent shoes. I don't go in a suit, but I could play a round of golf and not get kicked off the course. My equipment is clean and well maintained but if I relied solely on how my big truck and brand new Scag looked, I would get any yards. I am fairly new to the business, and don't get me wrong once I get 20+ yards a week I will be looking to upgrade, but I will always buy very good condition used unless the dealer has something I just can't pass up.
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    Is the Ram a 4x4, cummins, 5 speed?
  5. herler

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    I drive a rat looking truck and most if not all my equipment looks the part.
    I'm talking dents and panels out of line and paint missing and rust holes, you dig it?
    That's me.

    Now get a load of this ...

    Wouldn't a rat mobile owner be the fool to offer the same price as the pros?
    Especially considering, a rat truck like mine costs $2,500.
    Compared to a new 3/4 ton, 30 or 40 thousand.

    You guys understand this cost difference?
    You guys understand my truck is all paid for, that my insurance is tons cheaper?
    You understand that just because of that, my costs are already a lot lower?

    So what happens if the owner of the rat outfit does as good a job as your so-called pro?
    And charges according to his costs, which are lower...

    No man, I'm not talking a 'bit' lower.
    I'm talking $40 instead of $65.

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  6. echo

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    You have to get hired first to prove you can do as good of a job.
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  7. LBOperator

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    This one has the Z block 360 in it, and it's a 4 speed with bulldog big Dana's front and rear. I just sold a 12 valve last year. When this engine goes I have a 12 Valve Cummins that's going in it. I love these body style trucks, almost impossible to find not rusted out nowadays, and if you do there expensive.
  8. 32vld

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    To keep costs low is good business. New pickups can be had for $24,000 for 1/2 to $30,000 for 3/4.

    To ruin area pricing by being a low baller is not good business.

    Low balling the work for 61% of the local going rate makes me wonder why customers or the LCO does not value his work.

    "Wouldn't a rat mobile owner be the fool to offer the same price as the pros?"

    This sentence structure indicates whether intended or not that a LCO is not running a pro operation. Maybe indicates why low balling is needed to get work.

    A better question.

    Wouldn't any LCO be the fool to do work at 39% off?

    Doing a $100 job for $61 is not good business.

    A truck can look old. Dented door, fender, or any bolt on part is easy to change. Trip down to the junky.

    Multi hue truck. Trip down to the big box store. 12 rattle cans latter truck is not new looking but is clean and presentable. Showing that this operators cares about his business, his equipment, he will care about my yard.

    That $39 from doing work at the non low balling rate will pay for the 12 cans of paint.

  9. ducnut

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    Dude, don't be offended.
  10. LBOperator

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    My truck is kind of beat up, but I am never going to lo ball because I want to make money not just get a job.

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