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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by newguy123, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. A PLUS Lawn Care Services

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    I think vanncann hit right on the money, if you price the job correctly you should not have any issues and you will have better chance of getting it if you have the nice looking truck and more professional equipment end of story.
  2. ExmarkBoy

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    A 9 or 10. Those sort of people choose services like ours on how clean, professional, and expensive you look. I would look into a fleet wash plan from Mike's Express. Pretty cheap.
  3. bluescapes

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    First impressions are everything. If your truck , equipment and uniforms are dirty and in disrepair. A homeowner with think, if they don't care about themselves and what belongs to them, how can I trust them to take care of what belongs to me.
  4. Chris_NC06

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    Absolutely! End of thread IMO.
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  5. RSK Property Maintenance

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    here's my estimate truck, I use it for work on nice days...rainy days or even days its wet out, I drive the 97 which the bumper is hanging off, I secured it with a ratchet strap so it doesn't fall off, I got to where I am without the newer nicer truck, so it might help some, but the older used looking truck with a small amount of surface rust will work just fine.
  6. Turf Commando

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    I've obtained many jobs in high class areas. It wasn't my truck or mowers it was my work that spoke.
    Do a good job surpass other so called pros and work will seek you out.
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  7. ROS_Grounds

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    Appearance is very important...

    But not necessarily how new your equipment looks, but rather how clean and professional you and your work appear.
    No one wants to see dirty machines that just scream out that they are carrying weeds and diseases from the job you did on Friday.
    No one wants to see us with ripped clothes or with no shirt on.
    If we can't spend the time or money (for those without pressure washers) to wash our trucks and trailers once a week, what message does that send?

    Does a truck and mower need to be brand new? Absolutely not... But in good professional order!

  8. southerntide

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    Quality of work speaks for itself, over how nice or new your vehicle is and clean your equipment is, if you have time to keep your mower washed and waxed everyday then your really not working much :laugh:
  9. ducnut

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    But, you have time to sit on the internet. :confused:
  10. Plowguy43

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    That's a nice looking truck! I agree if you are prospecting new business then having a professional/clean appearance can be important in certain markets (upscale neighborhoods). Although if you are referred to someone because you are the best at what you do, but you drive an old beater truck/trailer - you can still pick up plenty of business that way.

    I knew of a guy who used an old beat up Datsun pickup and had a town in Cape Cod locked down, all upscale houses and this guy was amazing at keeping lawns & vegetation perfectly groomed. His word of mouth business spread like crazy, but I guarantee he would've been shut down if he went door to door in that truck he had.

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