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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TPLawnPro, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. TPLawnPro

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    Regarding commercial insurance, how many of you have your lawn equipment trailer commercially insured?

    What I am working on right now, and before the season gets going, is to get commercial coverage for my truck, trailer, and for the lawn equipment while it is loaded and transported in the trailer.

    It's one thing to have your tow vehicle covered, but is your work trailer and its contents?
  2. Picture Perfect Landscape

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    I have my business, my truck, my trailer, and all my equipment insured.

    Its a good thing to do.

    I found a good local company that advertises by word of mouth only and were able to give me a awesome price!
  3. Runner

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    I am certain there that are very few on here that do. I am also certain that there is a good portion on here that say they do,...and don't. The cost is many times quite a difference (mine is about twice what a normal policy would be), but it doesn't equate to what you could or would be out if you were involved in an accident and it was ever questioned or contested. Insurance co's are good for this....They are NOT in the business of paying out ANYone. They will do anything to get around or deny a claim. This includes claims from any other parties...No matter WHO's fault it may be.
  4. Lawnworks of Hop.  LLC

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    Actually I cannot think of a reason NOT to have it insured !!!!
  5. LB1234

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    Two trucks commericially insured and four trailers. Along with inland marine coverage for any equipment over $1k. Anything under that is not really worth it since we only hace a 500 deductible.
  6. lakesregionscapes

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    Having lost a trailer full of equipment into a stone wall I can't imagine not having full coverage. Both trucks and both trailers (12" single and 16" double axle landscape trailers) commercial auto, with inland marine... Work with you agent to make sure all scenarios are covered, and loopholes are closed.

    When our trailer crashed (Ball hitch failed, some ass was lazy about the chains...) the commercial auto covered the trailer (less that deductible) and the contractor's equipment package/inland marine covered some of the equipment (less that deductible); they are weasels though - wouldn't cover one walkbehind because it was over 30 days since purchase and it wasn't listed yet (41 days), and wouldn't cover one newer backpack because it wasn't listed - we were not supposed to have to list any thing under 1K, because it was covered under misc. 2K total...but at 800.- value they said it wasn't a "small hand tool" so wasn't covered. They did replace one mower and an older backpack that happened to be listed anyway and the trimmer... since we insure all lawn equipment at NEW replacment value (not a very big premium difference) and found a new mower in clearance the extra saved on the covered equipment almost made up the difference on the stuff they wouldn't. At the end of the day we lost only half our shirt, and 2-3 weeks downtime getting everything fixed/replaced. We could have basically lost the farm on that one - we were still in the scraping by stage.

    No insurance is playing with fire; and ours was a little crash, with no other vehicles or persons involved...

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