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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by amanda8950, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. amanda8950

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    I'm new to the business and just found out my housing plan with "frown" on me having a loaded landscaping trailer parked in my driveway. Has anyone tried or had experience with the "Safe-T-Ramp" system for pick-up trucks ? This is a ramp loading system that attaches to a class III hitch and folds up when not in use to extend your pick-up bed ( your tailgate remains down ). I know it's hard to describe and probably harder to imagine unless you've seen one but I'm not sure what direction I can go now without being able to park a trailer in my driveway. Thanks
  2. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    Look in the pictures forum under dodge dovetail.
  3. carcrz

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    Who would want to do something like that! :laugh: Seriously though, that is a mighty good lookin rig. I'm thinking the HOA might still frown on commercial vehicles sitting in the driveway overnight though. At least I know there are some here that do.
  4. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    even a pick up truck with ramps is a commercial vehicle.
  5. tinkerlawn

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    Yup same stuff around here, you can only let your commercial vehicle, and/or trailer set out for a max of 48hrs in a one month period. I already got a warning in the mail, and they said the next time they catch me it will be a $500 fine:dizzy:

    back to the original question, that saf-t-ramp doesn't look half bad, but I personally would just get a trailer, and either store it in the garage, or rent one of those 24 hr axcess storage lockers
  6. amanda8950

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    I've checked with the local ordinances and if it is under a 1 ton vehicle, a pick-up by itself is not considered a commercial vehicle. However, even the pick-up would need to be unloaded nightly.
  7. Puller504

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    Back the trailer into the garage, close the garage door. Park your unloaded truck in front of the garage! No garage? Why on earth would anyone BUY a home where there are such restrictions on what YOU park in YOUR driveway?
  8. AbsoluteH&L

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    Your local town village or city mat say it's OK but if the HOA says "NO!" then it's got to go. My buddy had this problem when he first met his wife, he only owned landscape beds no personal vehicle. They wern't very happy. Fines, arguments, nasty letters, it got bad till they finally moved out a built a house. But don't think it ends there, the hoops he had to jump to get a shop/ garage built was unreal. It's not like he was in a 1/4 acre sub division lot, he has over 2 acres, treed lot, and a neighbor with a barn and two out buildings. Damn red tape sux!

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