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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by hockeypro1411, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. hockeypro1411

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    hey guys i just basically inherited a 2007 sierra classic. its got a 4.3L v6 and it definately doesnt have suspension for major towing. its got around 18k miles and gets average like 16 mpg. should i trade it in for a nicer 08 silverado/sierra? ill probably be pulling a 5x12 trailer with 2 WB's and other equip. do you think the 200 hp and lack of suspension could pull that size trailer with equip?
  2. Blueribbonlawns

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    It will work fine id keep her just go get it beefed up at the shop it will cost you alot less.
  3. CALandscapes

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    It will work fine for that small set up.

    Only thing to keep in mind is, if in the near future, you plan on pulling a larger set up you may want to trade it in on a bigger one before it starts to show signs of being a work truck..
  4. hockeypro1411

    hockeypro1411 LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea i was leanin more on keepin it n just messin with it. im just baffled as to why the mileage is so crappy. i just read a thread on here and guys with 4.8 and 6.0 liter gm motors were getting like 20 mpg and like 16 towing...? whats this deal all about
  5. kubotab7200

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    my 6.0 ltr gets 12 no matter what u can have 12000 pounds behind it and it gets 12, empty it gets 12, but i sure do love that truck. my 94 gmc 1500 gets 22 and it has the 4.3 v6
  6. hockeypro1411

    hockeypro1411 LawnSite Senior Member
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    haha wtf. im lookin for holes in the gas tank in the morning.

    edit: time to invest in a locking gas cap if im parking outside. dam teenagers....
  7. jtlandscaping

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    I Have a gmc sonoma with the same exact 4.3 v6 in it. I get 13 mpg in the city towing or not and around 17 on the highway. The 4.3's just do not get good gas milage. I should be getting more, I Have talked to other sonoma owners and they say that they get around 16 in the city.:dizzy:

    Oh also I forgot to add that my sonoma probably has even lighter suspension on it then your sierra and I pull a 6x8 trailer with ztr and a push mower just fine.
  8. topsites

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    No, the Sierra / Silverado is GMC's line of basic work horse trucks, no frills, no thrills, but right now this is the truck to drive unless you still got money... Because any free truck is a good truck in my book, drive that thing like it's inherited and respect it and you'll as likely get many years of service.

    Keep up on the maintenance, you're as well off dumping 4-500 into it and DIY:
    (synthetic) oil and filter, double platinum plugs, 10+mm Taylor spark plug wires, high performance cap and rotor, fuel filter, pcv valve, breather cap, air filter, O2 sensor, trans fluid and filter.
    Do what you can, leave the rest be but do as much as you can because it will help it last longer plus increase or at the least maximize fuel economy (FE).

    The V-6 will help you some more keep the transmission in shape by sheer inability and give you excellent FE.
    You won't win any races with a trailer anyhow, so who cares?

    Just gotta take it easy, respect it and appreciate what we got, all we gotta do.
  9. hockeypro1411

    hockeypro1411 LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the input guys. my old man bought this truck last march and he hated it but he held onto it for me and hes lettin me take over payments on it (haha theres only 3 left). the only problem i realized yesterday was that it has no hitch and its not wired for trailer lights...

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