TRUCK VAC for real WET, WET grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, May 28, 2001.

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    I have a business idea that may involve using some type of truck mount or smaller type vacuum for picking up wet grass clippings. I have read good things about Billy Goat 16hp and want to know what you recommend for my operation. I have a dealer in town but it is questionable as to a demo unit so can ya help?

    I am wondering what vacuum in this class (small gasser 16-24 hp +-)would work for vacuuming up very wet packed decomposing grass and yard waste? I don't want to get into the larger tow behinds if possible.
    Picture a 30 gallon garbage can filled with grass clippings from last week. Will the vac you use pick it up without sitting there for 5 minutes or more? Positives and negatives of this appreciated.

    So what do you recommend? Thanks
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    A 16 HP truck loader will have more suckshion than an 8 HP loader. You will have to loosen up the material that you are trying to suck up so it will flow up the pipe.I move the material that I am picking up with a spring tooth rake in front of the pick up pipe so it flows up the pipe with the air going into the loader.

    Any one putting grass clippings in a 30 gal. barrell and leaving them for a week is looking for trouble,( spontainous combustion ).A friend of mine left the catcher bag on his push mower full and burned down his garage.

  3. had a Parker w/16hp Brigg and Sh@tn and it got stopped up a looooooooot

    got rid of it and got a giant vac 6001 got it stopped up once stick got caught in tube

    the bigger the better

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