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  1. Regal lawn care

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    i'm 16, i have a good car with a powerful engine. 2000 pontiac bonneville.:weightlifter: I was thinking, do i even need a truck to haul my trailer around? I have a 6X12 trailer which i pull w/ my dads truck, but he's selling it. i could buy a hitch for my car for only $160 instead of buying a truck. Who else hauls with a car?
  2. WJW Lawn

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    What do you plan on putting on the trailer? How much weight do you estimate?

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    yeah if you dont mind looking like a hack towing with a bonneville.
  4. WJW Lawn

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    Dude....he's 16 lol
  5. stroker51

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    I would most definately get a truck. When i was 16 i had an 84 Ford 4x4 3/4 ton, one of the best trucks i ever had. But with a truck, not only will you be able to stop a fully loaded trailer (kind of important), the vehicle will be more versatile, and look much more professional. There is one here in town that pulls a trailer behind the car, it just looks scrubbish to me.
  6. 29 Palms Property Management

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    The Bonny would get you where you need to go. But the weight of the trailer and equipment is a big factor. Can you buy the truck from Dad? Make payments to him maybe? Sell the Bonny and get an older truck for the same value? A truck would be a tremendous advantage as stated already. Even an old truck pulling the equipment is better then a Bonny pulling it. Just some ideas to throw around.
  7. hosejockey2002

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    Your Bonneville may be a good car with a powerful engine, but towing a 6x12 around with it mowing lawns will soon turn it into a pile of junk, especially with, no delicate way of saying it, a 16 year old foot driving it. You can probably find a decent truck for what your car is worth, and it will be without a doubt something that will work better and hold up better than your Bonneville.
  8. tylermckee

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    I would bank a couple thousand dollars and find yourself a nice older truck, something like a 68-88 chevy pick up. Maybe if you find one that needs it, get a cheapo paintjob and letter it. A clean older truck looks great, especially a classic 68-72, nothing looks better than one of those.
  9. Brendan Smith

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    i'd also be worried about the transmission in the bonneville. the 4t40e and 4t60e transmissions were not designed with towing in mind.
  10. WJW Lawn

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    Yea..these guys are right...if its a good car...sell it...get a truck with the money you make. Then you dont go out of pocket.

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