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  1. J.R. Services

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    Alright, I have one major piece of equipment left to purchase. A heavier truck. I'm looking at one now thats 93 f-350 diesel was an ambulance, professionaly converted to a 12ft dump, only 95k mi, auto, air, 4.10 rearend. But my real question is will it be too long?
  2. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    with a f 350 with a 12 foot dump then a 20 foot trailer that will be long but if u dont have to navigate tight places it will be fine
  3. mowerbrad

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    Like stated before, if you don't have to navigate tight areas, then you should be fine. But don't limit yourself with what areas you can serve just because you rig is too big.
  4. stroker51

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    My mow truck from 05 until this year was/is a 96 F250 Super cab with an 8' bed, its a big truck but not bad. We just got a 96 F350 with a 10' dump that will be used until we get the 250 up to par to pass DOT inspections. I've also got an 89 F450 diesel with a 12' dump that I used to use all the time for various stuff, I have never had a problem with it being too long, some spots are just too small for any truck, so you'd be in the same boat there one way or the other. Good luck in your search, if you get a 7.3 IDI without a turbo you're not gonna go anywhere fast, but you will get there. And FYI if somebody walks past an old IDI with an Icee it'll make it cold enough its a bear to start, lol.

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